Another Useless Prop, A Poem by Kate Hanford.

Another Useless Prop is a poem I wrote after visiting antique shops, thrift shops, and second-hand sales. It got me thinking about how beautiful porcelain is discarded just because it has a tiny chip or hairline crack. All the monetary value disappears with just the tiniest imperfection and the item becomes a permanent fixture, left on the shelf. Then, there is the designer gown, bought with great excitement and anticipation for an upcoming event. That too is left discarded at the back of a dusty wardrobe, then sent to the charity shop when it is deemed out of fashion. I wonder if people sometimes feel like this too when age creeps up and beauty diminishes? Women especially feel invisible and unwanted as time passes by, easily overlooked, taken for granted and just Another Useless Prop.


Another Useless Prop

I am the vase that sits alone

When the shoppers have gone home

So much hope this morning

That by noon I’d be adorning

A window sill or cosy nook

Next to a clock or picture book

No one picked me up to see

My origins and history

Because I have a tiny chip

I do not deserve ownership.


I am that garment hanging proud

Designer label and price endowed

The occasion now a date that passed

For a safer bet, I was outcast

Just a dress bought on a whim

When purse was full and waistline trim

Now I feel I’m out of trend

There are no parties to attend

Just another useless prop

Destined for the charity shop

Kate Hanford 


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