Charlie and Joe – Best Friends

Charlie and Joe

Charlie and Joe are a bonded pair or should I say that Joe is bonded to Charlie, so much so that Joe cries when he isn’t in the same room and becomes traumatized if Charlie just goes upstairs for a bath!
Charlie and Joe

Charlie is the oldest and a cross between Lhaso Apso and Shihtzu, Just one look at Charlie and you can tell if he’s having a good or bad day. If he wants a treat he looks up through his fur and begs with his eyes, its hard to say No! He does the most delightful hugs (when he wants something of course) If you pat your chest he will place his head there and look up at you, it’s adorable. Like all Lhaso Apso’s he has a way of ‘speaking’ to you and will talk on command. I have had some wonderful conversations with Charlie!
Joe and Charlie

Joe is the much younger one of the two. He is a mix of Bichon Frise and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or Cavachon.  He loves his family more than anything, he’s always happy and ready for a fuss. He was trained to offer a paw at an early age but he has developed this himself by sitting up on his hind legs like a meerkat and waving his paws in the air, how could you resist? He gives very enthusiastic hugs, sometimes you need to come up for air and gasp before becoming submerged in white fur and gentle doggy kisses again.

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