Shelter Dog Poems

Shelter Dog Poems These are poems I wrote for shelter dogs in rescue centres. The first is the story of Old Patch and Old Billy who are now in their twilight years and are always overlooked in the kennels.   ┬áThe Kennels Were Quiet The kennels were quiet Now the gates were closed The puppies... Continue Reading →

Rehoming A Rescue Dog

Rehoming A Rescue Dog ( What you need to know before adopting) I can't tell you how much pleasure I have got from helping rescue dogs. The sense of fulfilment you achieve from rehoming a homeless dog is such a wonderful feeling. Reasons Why Dogs Need To Be Rehomed It is often thought that there... Continue Reading →

5 Dog Breeds Best With Children

5 Dog Breeds That Are Best With Children There's no such thing as the perfect family dog. They all have strong jaws, sharp teeth and can react unexpectedly in strange situations. A dog lives for an average of twelve years, a huge commitment and a massive part of a childhood. So the breed has to... Continue Reading →

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