Walking An Anxious Dachshund

Walking An Anxious Dachshund When you have a reactive dog the danger of people, children or other dogs approaching is always a worry. So, under the present regulations, it's actually less stressful to walk my anxious Dachshund. Darcy is enjoying his walks much more and not consumed with stress about keeping me safe. There are... Continue Reading →

Stop my Dog from Barking

How do I Stop my Dog from Barking? I seem to spend half my life asking my mini dachshund to stop barking! I know it's natural for dogs to bark and they are worth their weight in gold as burglar¬†alarms but Darcy seems to think he is solely¬†responsible for our protection at all times. I... Continue Reading →

Darcy, Miniature Dachshund.

It's approaching two years since Darcy came to stay with us. Sometimes I feel like my training fell upon deaf ears, which anyone with a dachshund will experience on a day-to-day basis. Ask them to stop barking at next doors cat for the umpteenth time and they happily ignore you, but one creak of the... Continue Reading →


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