Breezing by Michael Ferrara – Book Review

Breezing by Michael Ferrara In the world of high-stakes horse racing, is it training, money, or luck that gets the win? C.J. Jamieson is a young, gifted female jockey with a complicated past and a strong desire to break through in the competitive world of thoroughbred racing. Trainer Ritchie Gallo, on the other hand, has... Continue Reading →

Stable Lass by Gemma Hogg (Book Review)

Stable Lass Tales from a Yorkshire Racing Yard by Gemma Hogg Being a stable lass is probably one of the hardest jobs in the country, and yet for Gemma Hogg, it is the most rewarding. She works in the beautiful Yorkshire market town of Middleham and if her colleagues are occasionally challenging, then the horses... Continue Reading →

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