12 Best Superfoods for Dogs

Superfoods for Dogs We hear a lot about superfoods for humans but there are also superfoods for dogs. These can either be added to the dog's normal food or given as the occasional treat. Take care to add different food gradually to avoid tummy upsets starting with really small amounts. I posted recently about the... Continue Reading →

Magical Powers of Turmeric

Magical Powers of Turmeric Most of us have Tumeric in our spice racks, after all, it is the spice which gives curry its distinctive yellow colour, but did you know about the amazing magical powers of turmeric? It has been used widely in India for thousands of years for the following conditions Stomach ailments including... Continue Reading →

Amazing Natural Detox (Epsom Salts)

Amazing Natural Detox (Epsom Salts)   Epsom salts are actually magnesium sulphate and most of us are lacking in magnesium (hypomagnesemia )   Health Benefits of Epsom Salts What do you put in your bath? An expensive bubble bath? , a fizzy bath bomb? or a luxurious mixture of perfumed bath oils? Me.?...Just two cupfuls of Epsom Salts!... Continue Reading →


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