Walking An Anxious Dachshund

Walking An Anxious Dachshund When you have a reactive dog the danger of people, children or other dogs approaching is always a worry. So, under the present regulations, it's actually less stressful to walk my anxious Dachshund. Darcy is enjoying his walks much more and not consumed with stress about keeping me safe. There are... Continue Reading →

Eye Contact in Dogs

 Eye Contact In Dogs How Important Is it? Have you noticed that some dogs are happy to make eye contact with their owner, whilst others are extremely wary of it? I noticed that my rescue dog, who is extremely anxious is always reluctant to look at me, even when I spoke to him extremely softly.... Continue Reading →

The SIT command (Basic Dog Training)

The SIT command for dogs The Sit command is probably the most basic command and the one most people start with when training a new puppy. It's important because when the puppy realises that he gets rewarded for performing commands he will want to learn more. The 'Sit' command will keep your dog safe from... Continue Reading →


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