Avoid Dog Theft

Avoid Dog Theft At the moment being a dog owner is so stressful. The pandemic has massively affected the price of puppies, with many pedigree dogs being sold for double or even treble the price that they were before the first lockdown. With people working from home and suddenly finding that they have the lifestyle... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Therapy From Dogs

Mental Health Therapy From Dogs There are many reports about how humans can gain positive mental health therapy from dogs. We know that stroking a pet can reduce blood pressure and increase levels of serotonin and dopamine which reduce stress levels. Also, studies show that pet owners have lower cholesterol and triglycerides which prevent heart... Continue Reading →

Deciding To Own A Dog, Finding The Right Time

Deciding To Own A Dog, Finding The Right Time Owning a dog is potentially a fifteen-year commitment It is a massive decision especially if you work long hours, have children, love your holidays abroad and enjoy a hectic social life. In addition, you have to be prepared to make a financial commitment too. Obviously, the... Continue Reading →

What To Do When Dogs Don’t Get Along

What To Do When Dogs Don't Get Along In this post, I write about some of the reasons why sometimes two dogs who belong to the same household don't get along. In addition, there are helpful tips to try if the situation arises. I also describe actual situations that have occurred in my family regarding... Continue Reading →

Taking Your Dog on Holiday, Handy Checklist

  Taking Your Dog on Holiday 20 Surprising Essentials You Need We've always taken our dogs on holiday, staying in dog-friendly accommodation with nearby beaches where dogs are allowed. This is the ultimate holiday checklist if you are taking your dog on holiday or to a dog sitter. Some items are obvious,  but there may be some... Continue Reading →


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