Don’t Overlook the Golden Oldies

Don't Overlook the Golden Oldies In Rescue My experience in dog rescue bought to light how overlooked the more mature dogs were when it came to be considered for adoption. I completely agree that a puppy comes with no emotional baggage, can be trained easily and after all who doesn't love a puppy? Having said... Continue Reading →

Older Dogs in Rescue

Older Dogs in Rescue I wanted to highlight here how difficult it is for older dogs in rescue. Through personal experience,  I wanted to demonstrate just how fulfilling the senior rescues can be. I completely agree that a puppy comes with no emotional baggage, can be trained easily and after all who doesn't love a... Continue Reading →

Epilepsy in Dogs

Epilepsy in Dogs Today we discuss Epilepsy in dogs and I share my personal experience of fostering a rescue Jack Russell who suffered from this condition. When Uri came to stay with me, he had been picked up as a stray. We had no information about his health except that he was severely underweight. It... Continue Reading →

Fostering Dogs In Rescue

Fostering Dogs In Rescue My first foster dog was an absolute delight. She was a young Cocker Spaniel crossed with Jack Russell. Misty fitted in perfectly, despite the fact that she was a stray she had  impeccable manners and large soulful eyes that you could drown in. As long as she had someone to cuddle... Continue Reading →

Farewell Harvey, Rescue Dog, Chihuahua.

Farewell Harvey, Rescue Dog, Chihuahua. Harvey was with us from January until May 31st, 2014 he was just seven years old. He continued to live his life to the max. There was always someone on hand to give cuddles and kisses on tap. Holly and Alfie provided all the canine help he needed. We were... Continue Reading →

Harvey’s New Lease of Life

Harvey's New Lease of Life Harvey was enjoying his life so much , obviously feeling so much better on the medication which the rescue was providing for him. We knew that the damage was irreparable so it was a mission to give Harvey the very best life could offer whilst he was still with us.... Continue Reading →

Harvey’s Story- Rescue Chihuahua

Harvey's Story The phone rang, it was the lady from the dog rescue 'Got room for another one?' she said. Well , I was taking a break from fostering but this situation was desperate. A seven year old chihuahua had been taken to the vets by his owner to be put to sleep apparently because... Continue Reading →

My Dog Fostering Days

My Dog Fostering Days   Before Darcy I fostered dogs for a rescue, giving them a home and to give an assessment of the dog's needs so that the perfect home could be found for them. Many dogs passed through, one stayed for nine months but some just three weeks. The cute ones were snapped... Continue Reading →

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