A Tribute To Rosie

A Tribute To Rosie   The day I met Rosie she was a tiny bundle of golden curls, full of fun and adored by her mum and dad (my daughter and son-in-law). She turned into a gentle, patient Cavapoo who loved life, and any food she could get her paws on! Rosie's hugs were legendary.... Continue Reading →

A Year On, Still Blogging

A Year On, Still Blogging It's a year since we lost Alfie and the beginnings of this blog began to form in my mind as a way to distract me from the grief. If I'm honest I didn't think I would still be blogging a year on but it has helped me so much, given... Continue Reading →

Alfie’s Gift

Alfie's Gift It's been almost three months since I lost Alfie and the first time I've been able to talk about losing him, I don't think there is any coincidence that I started this blog soon after, it was Alfie's gift to me . Whilst I was walking around looking for feathers and robins as a sign that... Continue Reading →

Farewell Harvey, Rescue Dog, Chihuahua.

Farewell Harvey, Rescue Dog, Chihuahua. Harvey was with us from January until May 31st, 2014 he was just seven years old. He continued to live his life to the max. There was always someone on hand to give cuddles and kisses on tap. Holly and Alfie provided all the canine help he needed. We were... Continue Reading →


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