A New Puppy At Waggy Tales

A New Puppy At Waggy Tales Some people will know that I have been yearning for a puppy for quite a while now. It's almost three years since we lost Alfie and I still miss my 'wingman' every day. Holly my chihuahua cross is seventeen and still doing great. She has seen many foster dogs... Continue Reading →

Harvey’s Song

Harvey's Song Today it's three years since this tiny rescue dog died in my arms on the way to the vets.     You'll find Harvey's story here. Harvey Harvey’s New Lease of Life Farewell Harvey I used to sing this song to him, it's by Adele When the rain is blowing in your face... Continue Reading →

Harvey’s New Lease of Life

Harvey's New Lease of Life Harvey was enjoying his life so much , obviously feeling so much better on the medication which the rescue was providing for him. We knew that the damage was irreparable so it was a mission to give Harvey the very best life could offer whilst he was still with us.... Continue Reading →

Harvey’s Story- Rescue Chihuahua

Harvey's Story The phone rang, it was the lady from the dog rescue 'Got room for another one?' she said. Well , I was taking a break from fostering but this situation was desperate. A seven year old chihuahua had been taken to the vets by his owner to be put to sleep apparently because... Continue Reading →

Holly, My Soulmate

Holly, My Soulmate Holly is 13 years old and a force to be reckoned with!   She has a select circle of people and dogs who she would take a bullet for, anyone else?.....not a chance! ..unless you have 3 hours to spare to tickle her tummy. Then she might consider you! I wasn't looking... Continue Reading →


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