Rehoming A Rescue Dog

Rehoming A Rescue Dog ( What you need to know before adopting) I can't tell you how much pleasure I have got from helping rescue dogs. The sense of fulfilment you achieve from rehoming a homeless dog is such a wonderful feeling. Reasons Why Dogs Need To Be Rehomed It is often thought that there... Continue Reading →

Are Dogs Addictive?

Are Dogs Addictive? Here are my own two dogs (Alfie has now sadly died) my daughter's cava poo Rosie and Mickey the Yorkshire Terrier who is an ex-foster dog who comes back for holidays. As you can see they all got on really well! I came across this poem recently and it got me thinking... Continue Reading →

Who Rescued Who?

Who Rescued Who? Yesterday I received a phone call from the lady who adopted my first ever foster dog, Misty, who is on the right in the picture. She just rang me for a chat, an update and to see how I was, how lovely is that? It's been six years since I started fostering. I... Continue Reading →

My Doggy Bucket List.

My Doggy Bucket List. I'm just mad about dogs...all dogs, every breed, and size, I often spend my time daydreaming of all the dogs I would like to have in my life, one way or the other. It is not a practical bucket list but an idealistic one. So, there are no exceptions. I would... Continue Reading →

Life Of A Rescued Dachshund

Life Of A Rescued Dachshund It's approaching two years since Darcy came to stay with us. Sometimes I feel like my training fell upon deaf ears, which anyone with a dachshund will experience on a day-to-day basis. Ask them to stop barking at next doors cat for the umpteenth time and they happily ignore you,... Continue Reading →

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