Natural and Healthy Weight Loss for Dogs

Natural Weight Loss for Dogs (Healthy Tips)



Natural weight loss tips for dogs.

I just wanted to pass on some tips I have found really useful.

We all know that dogs weight should be monitored closely but food orientated dogs respond well to treats. The trick which helps in weight loss for dogs is that you need to make every treat count.

Instead of high-fat dog treats loaded with sugar, offer something that will improve nutrition or help to clean their teeth.

I cut out all shop bought dog treats and replaced them with green beans.

The results were amazing!

Have a pack in the freezer and you ‘ve got a ready-made treat, healthy, low calorie and very easy on the purse. The canned variety is just as nutritious too.

A cup of green beans is just 40 calories.

My dogs love them.

Also, keep dogs teeth clean with fresh carrots and apple (no pips)

Sweet potato (cooked) is healthy, nutritious and filling for your dog.

A frozen banana can be cut into slices to give as a treat.

Another Tip

Cut treats in half, (I promise the dog won’t even notice) and you save half the calories!

Also, do you know how much food your dog should be eating…..or do you just guess? Have a look at the packaging to make sure you are not overfeeding.

This company supplies a handy measuring cup so that you know exactly how much to feed. I found that my dog’s weight loss was gradual and I didn’t worry that I was starving him.

It’s kinder for you to keep your dog’s weight in check because obesity causes diabetes, heart disease, and joint pain.

A vet likes to be able to feel the dogs ribs and see a distinctive waistline when viewing from above. This is how he can tell if the dog needs to lose a few pounds.

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All About Fostering Rescue Dogs.

All About Fostering Rescue Dogs.



Before Darcy I fostered dogs for a rescue, giving them a home and a full assessment. I was then able to make sure that the perfect home could be found.

Many dogs passed through, one stayed for nine months but some just three weeks. The cute ones were snapped up,  the ones with health issues, oldies and bull breeds not so much.


I tried to imagine what their life was like before they came to me. Of course, I never got any answers and I don’t know if I would really want to know anyway.

Some were strays and some ex-breeding dogs. However, there was also a few whose owners circumstances had changed. They had no choice but to give up much-loved family pets.

Play Time

How Do Dogs Find Themselves in Rescue?

The strays that came to me, or ‘poundies’ as they were known, all had impeccable manners and were completely house trained. I wondered if they had been loved as a puppy then discarded and replaced when they got older.

At the time I was fostering, chihuahuas were really popular with young girls as ‘handbag’ dogs. Anyone who has ever owned a Chihuahua will know that they are actually fiercely independent, strong-minded and extremely lively. They are not suited to be carried around as a fashion accessory. Consequently, another influx of a particular breed in rescue.


Dachshunds have also become extremely popular. They have featured in many television adverts

Everyone wanted one because they appeared so cute, however they are difficult dogs to train and need loads of patience.

All the photos show just a few of the dogs that stayed with me.


For anyone considering becoming a foster parent, here is a selection of books available from Amazon which may help.
You can find more personal fostering stories in these blog posts.

Foster Dogs, How Do You Let Them Go?

A Poem For a Rescue Dog



Always a Next One

Always A Next One byJohn L Leonard

Have you ever tried to housebreak more than one puppy at a time, or a dog that lived his whole life outdoors? Have you ever had to convince yourself there is room for just one more?

I have, and experienced great joys and the occasional sorrow as a result. This expanded edition of Always a Next One is a true account of how we went from caring bystanders to front-line animal rescue volunteers. Follow our journey of rescuing misfit dogs and unwanted cats, fostering them, nurturing them, and rehabilitating them until their perfect “forever” homes come along.


How to Foster Dogs

How to Foster Dogs by Pat Miller

You Can Build a Bridge to a Better Life for Dogs
Pat Miller’s How to Foster Dogs is the first book on the market to deal specifically with the care and training needs of foster dogs and how the fostering process works when done through a formal arrangement with an organization like a shelter or breed rescue group.



I Love My Rescue Dog 

I Love My Rescue Dog by Terry Washington


An Bestseller!
This e-book is a compilation of heart-touching stories of courage, friendship, love, loyalty, and bravery of man’s best friend. Dogs are more than just pets, they are companions that will comfort you during heartbreak and at the same time will protect you if need be. They will love you fiercely as their own family.
These stories talk about that bond and respect that we as humans share with them.

This post contains affiliate links


Mr. Darcy, Rescue Dog, miniature dachshund, part three.

Darcy seemed to know how important it was to settle in and his behaviour was far better than expected in his first days with us. He was completely house trained, loving and totally adorable. There were some worrying traits though. When someone visited, even for a few minutes, he would run to the front door to try to stop them leaving, then he would cry for hours after they had left. He cried and got so stressed when my husband left for work, it was truly heartbreaking.

As I said before he didn’t respond to the name he had been given, (the famous rapper!). so I set out to find him a name, not too dissimilar from that one but one which was more fitting for a handsome dachshund. After trying different names I finally settled on Darcy, or Mr. Darcy to give him his full title, what could be more refined? It only took a few days for him to learn his name and it suited him so well.

He made himself right at home trotting around the house and garden, always in a rush and on a mission to protect his new home and everyone in it. When he wasn’t busy he would snuggle with me and sleep like a baby. He craved comfort, warmth, and company. I bought him a lovely bed and soft baby blankets but he chose an old cardigan of mine to sleep under. Yes literally under…. he would climb inside the cardigan then swirl himself round and round until he was perfectly tucked in. He was so tiny we had to pat the cardigan to see if he was in there! We had a hilarious time when he tunneled his way down the sleeve and got firmly stuck. There was his nose sticking out of the cuff and his eyes were stretched back as if he’d had a facelift. The sleeves had to be unstitched so that he couldn’t get stuck again, the buttons had already been removed, there was no way I’d be wearing it again!

For anyone who has children and loves dachshunds, this book has some valuable life lessons and stunning illustrations.

My review of Ellie The Wienerdog, It’s Hard to be Good by K J Hales is just below the book description and can be found on Amazon UK

or Amazon. com

ellie 1

Ages 3 to 5 years.

Ellie tries, really tries, to be good as she faces temptation over and over again. But how can a wiener dog resist? There are sandwiches and trash baskets and freshly baked ham sending heavenly smells straight to her wriggly nose. Ellie so wants to please because she loves to hear “”What a good dog!”” but she is also taunted by naughtiness because she thinks with her nose. She smells and sniffs and it’s hard for her to be good when she gets a whiff! Children, and adults alike, will find Ellie’s tale hilariously relatable. What will she do when put to the ultimate test? Ellie’s irresistible charm radiates from every colourful, energetic page as she struggles in her desire to do the right thing. Her expressions tell the story, making Ellie the Wienerdog a pup readers will come to know and love. With playful text and equally boisterous art, this book invites readers to join in the fun over and over again.

My Review

A beautiful picture book for very young children telling the story of Ellie the Wienerdog who tries so hard to be a good dog but her strong sense of smell leads her to temptation in the form of a tasty sandwich. Ellie’s family come home to find the sandwich intact and shower treats and affection on Ellie for her exceptional behavior. The book is written in rhyme by K J Hales and the beautiful illustrations by Serene Wyatt really set the story alight. I liked how the author depicted the dogs thought process in the story and the pictures enhanced the thoughts in the form of ‘thinking bubbles.
Of course, this is part of the ‘Life Lessons’ series so there is a strong underlying message throughout the story. Children will be taught that good behaviour will be rewarded and that temptation should be resisted.Sometimes by resisting temptation a much better reward will be given and that there is a tremendous sense of pride from ‘doing the right thing’. Preschools would be a great place to be taught the life lessons of Ellie and parents will love to read the rhyming text which flows easily off the tongue.

This book was sent to me by Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.


Mr. Darcy, Rescue Dog, miniature dachshund part two.

I answered the door and instantly fell in love with the tiny dog cradled in the arms of the rescue transporter. I was a little shy after hearing about his past but he was attached to the lady who drove him to me like his life depended on it. He had only met her an hour previously.

Where was the aggressive dog I’d agree to foster?

He immediately went on a mission to inspect every inch of the house and garden as fast as he possibly could. He  was the most confident dog I had ever seen. Within seconds he literally looked like he owned the place.

It was time to meet the little chap face to face. I offered him a treat and he shied away from me. Surely he’d been given a treat before? ……….not by his reaction.

He didn’t respond to his name, which I was quite relieved about. I didn’t relish the thought of calling a famous rappers name when teaching recall anyway ,so we began to think of a name, which he would actually respond to.

So first impressions?,….. a confident little boy who didn’t know his name and had never been offered a treat. If this wasn’t heartbreaking enough he spent the whole afternoon crying at the door for the rescue lady , (the one he only met approx 90 minutes previously). This was going to be fun!

Mr Darcy2


Mr Darcy, Rescue Dog, miniature dachshund, part one.

It was June 2015 and I was scrolling through Facebook when a photo caught my eye.It was a mini dachshund and a rescue friend was urgently looking for a foster for him. I wasn’t planning to foster but I felt compelled to send a private message to ask about his background.

Within seconds the lady was on the phone. ‘Its complicated’ she said ‘he’s had a bad start’. I was expecting this, no rescue is ever straight forward but even I was surprised when I heard his story.

The little dog was around two years old and had five different homes. He had been used as a stud dog and kept in a kennel. Not surprisingly he had developed  trust issues and became aggressive . One of his owners had taken him to the vets to be euthanized because he no longer wanted him. So the rescue stepped in and put him in to a foster environment. Again, he became aggressive and terrorised the ladies cat. So that’s when I spotted the Facebook post.

I knew a dog who had a history of biting could not go through a normal rehoming process so if I was to take on the dog it was going to be long-term. I debated with my husband for a whole day but finally we agreed to give him a chance.

Mr Darcy3

He literally arrived the next day and life would never be the same again!


A Poem for a Rescue Dog by Kate Hanford

When we rescue a dog, it doesn’t come gift-wrapped in shiny paper with a pretty gift tag and a huge bow. They arrive broken, neglected, scared and lonely. The majority settle into their forever homes seamlessly, others carry with them the ghosts of their past. As adopters, we try to take away the hurt and bring some sunshine into their lives but the path isn’t always easy. However to see a rescued dog curled up in his nice warm bed and giving out a small sigh of contentment…makes it all worthwhile!

The poem is about a miniature dachshund called Mr, Darcy. He was around two years old when we adopted him. His bad behaviour meant this was his last chance and I was determined to make it work. He had aggressive character traits bought on through fear and had lived in many homes throughout his short life. Despite months of training, patience and kindness the fear aggression still remains. However, we have learned to recognise his triggers and he has transformed into a happy little dog.

Here is his poem:

A Poem For A Rescue Dog

A Poem for a Rescue Dog

Years have passed since we met our little man

A feisty, mini dachshund

with a coat of black and tan

We called him Mr. Darcy

because he didn’t know his name

and told him that from now on

life would never be the same

We peeled away the layers

and slowly it was clear

All he ever wanted was

a family to hold dear

His little heart was bursting

with love for someone who

could give him back some happiness

and start his life anew

To those who didn’t want him

To those who didn’t care

You had to look into his soul

to see the love that’s there

The journey isn’t easy

There are hurdles in the way

But I would never change him,

Just love him more each day.

                                                                         Kate Hanford


Darcy- A Poem For A Rescue Dog

More Poems by Kate Hanford

Hope is an inspirational poem.




Holly: Chihuahua and Shih tzu, mixed breed.

Holly is a thirteen-year-old Chihuahua / Shih Tzu mix.


She has a select circle of people and dogs who she would take a bullet for, anyone else?…..not a chance! .(typical Chihuahua )..Unless you have 3 hours to spare to tickle her tummy… Then she might consider you! Or sausages..she really loves sausages!

I wasn’t looking for a dog but someone told me about an accidental mating between a male Shih tzu and a female chihuahua. One pup needed a home, so I ended up with a tiny cream fluff ball. This was long before the ‘designer’ dog trend, Holly was just a unique accident!

She had been living in an apartment and missed out on early socialization, consequently, she had never seen grass or the sky.

She became quite clingy so I started looking for a canine companion.. enter Alfie.

Hollyand Alfie01

They were totally bonded and soul mates for the whole of Alfie’s life.

She’s still really active and totally spoilt.





Waggy Tales Dog Blog

Welcome to Waggy Tales Dog Blog!

Hi everyone I wanted to start a blog to share my two great loves…..dogs and books.

First of all, a little about me, my name is Louise however, everyone calls me Lou. I have always loved dogs and had a lot of experience in the rescue world both as a foster mum and home checker. My mini dachshund Darcy is a rescue dog we adopted in 2015. You can read lots more about him here. 

In addition to Darcy, we also have Holly, a rather mature lady who likes to keep everyone in line. However, it only takes a sausage or a tummy rub to win her over. At thirteen years old she is a sprightly bundle of fun, and furthermore, she doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.


Waggy Tales Blog

Happier Days

All breeds are welcome, especially if they have Waggy Tails.

There will be informative content too, including health and behavior issues. Additionally, I will discuss the process of rescuing a dog or in contrast, buying a puppy from a breeder. At the same time, I always try to review and promote any books featuring dogs, especially if they are rescue related.

It’s always great to hear your stories, so don’t be afraid to tell me in the comments section, I’m always around for a chat too.

Book Reviews

I am an avid book reader and have written several ebooks which are collections of funny and thought-provoking poems. I try to support authors by doing book reviews through NetGalley and  Amazon. In addition, I  post here on this blog and various social media sites.

My favourite genres are psychological thrillers, mystery, romance, crime, children’s, chick lit.

However, books featuring dogs are always high up on the list!

50 Book ReviewsReviews PublishedProfessional Reader

Feel free to get in touch if a review would help you out.

(There is a waiting list, however, I always get to you in the end!)

My email is

Additionally, I love to join blog tours and like to hear from publishers too.

Although I will mainly discuss books and dogs, in general, I love to chat about everyday things too.

Hope you can stop by at Waggy Tales Dog Blog.


Firstly, I wanted to share a poem with you about Alfie who sadly passed away on 5th April 2017.

Let me tell you a little about Alfie first


Waggy Tales Blog - Alfie

We needed a companion for our older dog Holly and researched the temperaments of many breeds. Above all, the character was most important to us. Consequently, we found a puppy who was a mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Shih Tzu. Both breeds have a reputation for being loyal, caring, affectionate and sweet-natured.

Well, Alfie didn’t disappoint. He was all of those things…….and more!

He soon became a soul mate for our older dog but more importantly, he took on the role of nurturer to all the rescue dogs who came through our door. I called him my ‘wingman’ because he took care of the canine side of fostering, whilst I did the human stuff. He would share his bed, his toys, even his mum with whoever came to stay, there were no exceptions. He seemed to know that the foster dogs didn’t have privileges like he did. When they all moved on he still had his soul mate Holly and later Mr. Darcy the dachshund. Similarly, he knew instinctively when I was sad and would stay by my side on the (many) sleepless nights.

Here is Alfie’s poem

You shared your loved ones

your toys, your bed

‘Such a softy’ was often said

And when they left

for pastures new

You picked me up

and helped me through

Your little soul mate
looks so sad
She’ ll always miss
the love you had
Your partner in crime
looks at the door
the one where you met him
with an open paw
That tiny puppy
you taught to play
she’d nibble your ears
then run away
The one who was sick
hurt and betrayed
You taught him to trust you
and great friends were made
Then there’s the pal
who visits each year
On hot sunny days
and with Christmas cheer
with a wag of your tail
and your welcoming face
the fun you’d have!
the birds you’d chase

When the days were dark

with sadness and pain

You gave me a reason

to get up again.

And now

too soon

its come to an end

And your work is needed

in heaven my friend.

They needed an angel to stand at the gate
to welcome the others
who’d wait and wait
for their family to join them
so alone and so sad
But you’ll comfort their sorrow
and soothe pain
that they had
Now the house is so quiet
the cushions are neat
There’s no sneezy kisses
or pattering of feet
The summer-house
won’t be the same
without my boy
hiding again
And the cold lonely nights
when I cannot sleep
We drank warm milk
and to bed, we’d creep
So for now
we bid you good-bye
My angel in heaven
a new star in the sky.
I wrote the poem less than a day after Alfie died, it is raw and unedited because it shows the anguish of losing a pet.
If you’ve recently lost a beloved pet you might find this post helpful. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any magical cures for bereavement. However, it might help to know that you are not alone.
Alfie was the inspiration for Waggy Tales Dog Blog and it is dedicated to him.

Just a quick update.

On a more positive note, my daughter welcomed a new puppy into her family to be a doggy playmate to Cavapoo, Rosie!
Waggy Tales Blog - Luca

His name is Luca, and he is a very handsome Goldendoodle.

Of course, I have been charting his process in Waggy Tales Dog Blog so consequently, we now have lots of puppy posts too! Additionally, if problems arise, we will discuss that too.
Luca and Rosie stay with me when their mum is away, so as well as lots of fun, I get extra cuddles too.
Please call by at Waggy Tales Dog Blog and join me on my doggy and bookish journey and of course,

Keep those tails wagging!