Goldendoodle Days

Goldendoodle Days Just a quick update on Luca the Goldendoodle puppy now he is fast approaching his first birthday. Luca the gentle giant is keeping us all entertained with his antics, he is not just big in size but BIG in personality. His growth spurt seems to have calmed down and he seems to be... Continue Reading →

A Child of The Seventies (Poem)

A Child of The Seventies   Sherbet dib dabs, platforms, flares Name That Tune, Celebrity Squares Doing handstands against the wall Pop to the phone box to make a call Friday at five, its Crackerjack! Knock next door for my shuttlecock back    Startrite sandals and ankle socks Measles, Mumps, and Chickenpox Taping songs from... Continue Reading →

Belly Band for Dog Incontinence

Belly Band for Dog Incontinence These are designed for old and sick dogs and all dogs recovering from surgery. I found these to be good quality with a nice snug fit. I have used on my mini dachshund who is a scent marker, when visiting a friend and staying in a holiday cottage. For more... Continue Reading →

A Bit of Fun

Just a short post today with a joke I saw on Facebook. It's not very often that I find dog jokes funny, but let's see what you think. Hopefully, it will bring a smile! (I have no idea who wrote it!) A man sees a sign outside a house - 'Talking Bedlington terrier For Sale.'... Continue Reading →

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