Antlers For Dogs

Antlers For Dogs I noticed recently that there was a build up of tartar on my dog's teeth and his breath had started to smell too. Ripley is a Chihuahua with a tiny mouth and even the smallest toothbrush is too big. Dogs are often prone to dental problems due to overcrowding, broken teeth, gum... Continue Reading →

Plush Donut Pet Bed, Product Review

Plush Donut Pet Bed Product Review We recently purchased new pet beds for the dogs which were recommended to us by friends who were extremely impressed by the Plush Donut Bed. This is my opinion of the product which will be helpful to anyone looking for a quality dog bed. Darcy is a rescue dog... Continue Reading →

Bach Rescue Remedy For Anxious Pets

Bach Rescue Remedy For Anxious Pets I have personally used Rescue Remedy for anxious pets for many years. With the fireworks season approaching, I thought it would be good to share my experiences and hopefully help others. The original remedy used by people to relieve stress has been available now for seventy years. The best... Continue Reading →

Zoflora Fresh Home, Pet Disinfectant Review

Zoflora Fresh Home, Pet Disinfectant, and Odour Remover (Product Review) This is a product review for Zoflora Fresh Home Pet disinfectant which I bought from Amazon. I have always been a big fan of the other Zoflora disinfectants (my favourite fragrance is Hyacinth) so when I spotted that they do a pet odour specific one... Continue Reading →

Furminator Product Review, Dog De-Shedding

Furminator Product Review The Problem of Shedding in Dogs One of the most asked questions regarding dogs is about the amount of shedding of fur there is for each breed. Dogs are often sold as being 'non-shedders' or 'hypoallergenic' but in actual fact, you can never guarantee this. My daughter was told that her Goldendoodle... Continue Reading →

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