Heartfelt Dog Poems About Companionship

Heartfelt Dog Poems About Companionship Today I wanted to share some dog poems about the amazing connection between a dog and his human owner. Over the years, the bond just gets stronger and our canine friends never fail to amaze us. They are always there to give us a lovely welcome after a stressful day... Continue Reading →

Shelter Dog Poems

Shelter Dog Poems These are poems I wrote for shelter dogs in rescue centres. The first is the story of Old Patch and Old Billy who are now in their twilight years and are always overlooked in the kennels.    The Kennels Were Quiet The kennels were quiet Now the gates were closed The puppies... Continue Reading →

A Sad Time at Waggy Tales

A Sad Time at Waggy Tales I've written this post several times now but can't seem to find the right words. On 17th August 2020 we lost our little dog, Holly. I've been dreading that day for several years now because she was the grand old age of seventeen. It doesn't matter how you try... Continue Reading →

Another Useless Prop, A Poem by Kate Hanford.

Another Useless Prop is a poem I wrote after visiting antique shops, thrift shops, and second-hand sales. It got me thinking about how beautiful porcelain is discarded just because it has a tiny chip or hairline crack. All the monetary value disappears with just the tiniest imperfection and the item becomes a permanent fixture, left on... Continue Reading →

Just Rude !

This started out as a book review, but it really got me thinking about how rude people affect our lives. Also, a little courtesy doesn't cost anything does it? They say that smiling is infectious but rudeness is too. A harsh comment can ruin someones day and they then go on to be rude to... Continue Reading →


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