Never Give Up- Poems and Quotes

Never Give Up Poems and Quotes I found these poems and quotes for anyone who is struggling right now. I hope they give hope and inspiration. they help me on days when everything seems like it is against me. The theme is Never Give Up. At the bottom of the post I've added links to... Continue Reading →

The Magic of the Stars by Jackie Ladbury

The Magic of the Stars by Jackie Ladbury What an honour to be part of this cover reveal organised by Rachel's Random Resources (@rararesources). The cover looks totally magical featuring all my favourite colours and of course the big beautiful heart, lighting up the night sky amongst the moon and twinkling stars. The Magic of Stars Sapphire Montrose always... Continue Reading →

The Yoga Class -A Funny Poem

The Yoga Class -A Funny Poem Are you one of those people who make New Years Resolution's to get fitter, slimmer, healthier every year? That's ok because I'm not either! I wrote this poem for anyone who has ever been to a yoga class and found it a horribly embarrassing experience. Everyone else is super toned,... Continue Reading →

My Social Anxiety

My Social Anxiety I'm an introvert, with a social phobia. I prefer to spend my time with my dogs and my books and just a select few humans (aka my family). Small talk is something I find draining and a waste of good reading time. I used to be persuaded to go to social gatherings,... Continue Reading →

Oh What a Stink! Childrens ebook

  Oh, What a Stink! by Kate Hanford Free today!   Make your children laugh again and again with this free ebook of funny poems including; Oh What A Stink! Oh, what a stink! What can it be? Everyone's sniffing and looking at me It wasnt me It must be the cat I dont smell Stop... Continue Reading →

The Antique Shop- A Poem

  The Antique Shop                    Books standing proudly wearing jackets of dust Aroma's of vanilla, tobacco, and musk China teapots with chintzy bouquets A knitted shawl that has seen better days A lonely cup missing its friend Brasses and tapestries gone out of trend An oversized vase with... Continue Reading →

Don’t Forget… A Poem For Busy Lives

  Don't Forget The message board hangs on the kitchen wall With post it notes in pencilled scrawl Children's pictures on magnetic strips Parties, injections, and fishing trips That silly hat in a photo booth And how to 'Make your Custard Smooth' A takeaway menu for lazy nights Dental appointments and wedding invites Notes of dietary inspirations... Continue Reading →

Alfie’s Gift

Alfie's Gift It's been almost three months since I lost Alfie and the first time I've been able to talk about losing him, I don't think there is any coincidence that I started this blog soon after, it was Alfie's gift to me . Whilst I was walking around looking for feathers and robins as a sign that... Continue Reading →

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