My Vitamin D Deficiency

My Vitamin D Deficiency In this post, I wanted to talk about my Vitamin D deficiency which was diagnosed recently. I hope other people who are suffering from chronic pain,  mental health problems, the menopause or low immunity to bacteria will find this information useful. The reason is that  symptoms are widespread, so they are... Continue Reading →

My Social Anxiety

My Social Anxiety I'm an introvert, with a social phobia. I prefer to spend my time with my dogs and my books and just a select few humans (aka my family). Small talk is something I find draining and a waste of good reading time. I used to be persuaded to go to social gatherings,... Continue Reading →

A Real Treat For October!

A Real Treat For October! We had such lovely weather for October this weekend I thought I'd share some photos from our dog walk. There doesn't seem to be many leaves left on the trees and we are expecting a storm later today. This is a view over Cheshire. This is my granddog Rosie, a Cavapoo(on... Continue Reading →

August Chat And Update

August Chat And Update Can someone please tell August it's Summer! Last night we had this amazing sunset but it's still cold and dull here in England and its been like this for weeks! This is my summer house, 'she shed' or just 'hut' but I love it in there. I like to sit and read,... Continue Reading →

Dachshund Family Album

Dachshund Family Album Some of the dachshunds that have been part of our family over the years. It all started with Cassie the black and white dog. She was my mum's dog and a dachshund/ sheltie cross. She sparked our interest in the breed, such a playful. gentle soul. You can see the familiar dachshund short legs... Continue Reading →

Is It Just Me?

Is It Just Me? Just a short compilation of the silly things we dog owners do for our fur babies. You may recognise some of them or even do some yourself. I hope so, or Is It Just Me?   Have you ever caught your dog's eye and licked your tongue out to see if... Continue Reading →

My Doggy Bucket List.

My Doggy Bucket List. I'm just mad about dogs...all dogs, every breed, and size, I often spend my time daydreaming of all the dogs I would like to have in my life, one way or the other. It is not a practical bucket list but an idealistic one. So, there are no exceptions. I would... Continue Reading →

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