The Unbelievable Power of Epsom Salts

The Unbelievable Power of Epsom Salts What are Epsom Salts? Epsom Salts were first discovered in the seventeenth century by a farmer in Epsom, Surrey in England. He discovered a spring rich in magnesium sulphate and before long people were flocking to the spring to sample its amazing healing qualities. Grandmothers have been shouting from... Continue Reading →

20 Things to Do With Lemons

Health and Beauty Benefits of Lemons I've had a really sore throat for the past few days and the only thing that I have found soothing is drinking lots of hot lemon and honey. It got me thinking about lemons and their health benefits but I found that this small citrus fruit has loads of other... Continue Reading →

Cures for Hiccups (why do we get them?)

Cures for Hiccups We have all had bouts of hiccups (hiccoughs) or singultus as it is medically known and there is no definitive cure for them. It can be really annoying. Even unborn babies hiccup in the womb. What are hiccups and what are the most popular cures for them? What are hiccups? It is an involuntary... Continue Reading →

Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric

Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric Most of us have Turmeric in our spice racks, after all, it is the spice which gives curry its distinctive yellow colour, but did you know about the amazing health benefits this spice holds? It has been used widely in India for thousands of years for the following conditions To... Continue Reading →

Health Benefits Of Epsom Salts

Health Benefits Of Epsom Salts   Epsom salts are actually magnesium sulphate and most of us are lacking in magnesium (hypomagnesemia )  The Incredible Health Benefits of Epsom Salts Soothe, Heal, and Rejuvenate In today's fast-paced world, finding effective and natural remedies to support our health and well-being is essential. One such remedy that has gained... Continue Reading →

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