Best Gift Guide For Dachshund Lovers

Best Gift Guide For Dachshund Lovers Calendars This is a gift guide for anyone who loves dachshunds as much as I do. There are always a few dachshund gifts in my stocking and I now have a lovely stash of dachshund socks, calendar, notebooks etc. Dachshunds are so popular there is lots of choice out... Continue Reading →

Best Quotes about Dogs

Best Quotes About Dogs Here are a few of my favourite quotes about dogs. I don't take credit for any of them but I wish I had thought of them myself! I hope you like some of them. To some people, dogs are their whole lives, but what impresses me is the way a dog slots... Continue Reading →

I’d Rather Be With my Dog

Today I would like to introduce you to an American company called 'I'd Rather Be With My Dog' or IRBWMD. I was interested in the brand because they produce high-quality products and give a percentage to dog charities including dog rescue, canine cancer and help military service dogs. Here are just a few of the... Continue Reading →

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