Crate Training For Dogs.

It's not often that I change my mind completely about something but on the subject of crate training your dog I have done a complete U-turn! I used to feel sorry for dogs who were put away in crates, I couldn't see why it could ever be useful and I got angry with people who did... Continue Reading →

Gifts for Dog Lovers.

I always judge people by how they treat animals. There is a quote written by Immanuel Kant which says just this. I personally could never choose a partner who said that he didn't like dogs and all my personal friends are dog lovers too. I think it shows that a person has a kind and caring... Continue Reading →

How a Rescue Dog Can Change Your Life.

I had some extremely sad news recently. One of my ex-foster dogs, Mickey, has passed away. He was a thirteen-year-old Yorkshire Terrier and I was lucky enough to follow his life after adoption because he went to live with a relative of a close friend. In fact, I agreed that whenever his mum and dad wanted to... Continue Reading →

All About Pugs

Did you know that a group of Pugs is called a 'Grumble'? how cute is that? Here we take a look at the breed and point out some interesting facts which may be helpful to anyone thinking of owning a Pug. In the last three years the Pug breed has been gaining in popularity and according to... Continue Reading →

Homemade Dog Shampoo

Homemade Dog Shampoo Here is a recipe for a dry dog shampoo to use when you haven't got time to bathe your dog or if he is too big to pick up and put in the bath. Is your dog like a dirt magnet? Here are the ingredients for a dry shampoo using two items you... Continue Reading →

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