Dog Cooling Mat (Product Review)

Dog Cooling Mat (Product Review) We have had several weeks of hot temperatures and it begins to take its toll on our dogs. Not only do they suffer from the heat, their routines are changed because we can't walk them at certain times of the day. I purchased this dog cooling mat for my senior... Continue Reading →

How Children Learn From Dogs

How Children Learn From Dogs A relationship with a well-trained dog  can teach a child the following: Manners Caring Trust Gentleness Responsibility Empathy Patience Compassion However, some important points need to be considered before introducing a pet to small children. The child must be old enough to respect the dog's space and to not accidentally hurt... Continue Reading →

Dogsitting and Deliberation.

I'm taking care of my daughter's dogs this week whilst she is on holiday. So Rosie and Luca have arrived with all their personal belongings and enough food to keep them going for a month (it's just over a week). Its been a long time since we had a puppy living with us and you... Continue Reading →

Unwanted Scent Marking in Male Dogs.

What is Scent Marking? All dogs scent mark. It is completely natural behaviour, but it can be a real problem when the dog picks up the habit of scent marking inside the home. It is most often seen in unneutered males. High levels of testosterone make the dog want to advertise his sexual availability.  It... Continue Reading →

Reverse Sneezing in Dogs

What is Reverse Sneezing in Dogs? The dog will stand still and take deep inhalations of air whilst making a loud snorting sound. The dog may then gag several times. It lasts for 10 -15 seconds. It's difficult to explain so hopefully this video from PetMD shows it better. The first time my Chihuahua/Shih... Continue Reading →

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