A Tribute To Rosie

A Tribute To Rosie   The day I met Rosie she was a tiny bundle of golden curls, full of fun and adored by her mum and dad (my daughter and son-in-law). She turned into a gentle, patient Cavapoo who loved life, and any food she could get her paws on! Rosie's hugs were legendary.... Continue Reading →

A Dog’s Chance by Casey Wilson – Book Review

A Dog's Chance by Casey Wilson Sometimes the dogs we rescue… also rescue us. A heart-wrenching and beautiful story perfect for dog lovers everywhere. Fans of A Dog’s Purpose, The Art of Racing in the Rain and Marley and Me will be utterly entranced by this gorgeous page-turner. Madison knows her fourteen-year-old daughter Abbie is struggling. She wishes... Continue Reading →

Pups On Piste by Jacqueline Lambert

Pups On Piste Today I am excited to post a book review of a brand new publication called Pups on Piste by Jacqueline Lambert. It features real life adventures during a skiiing trip to Italy with husband Mark and their adorable Cavapoos .... Kai, Rosie, Ruby and Lani. As well as the book review Jackie... Continue Reading →

Lucy’s Law by Marc Abraham

Lucy's Law by Marc Abraham Description 'The campaign for Lucy's Law has been smashing' PAUL O'GRADY The true story of one little dog who helped bring an end to puppy farming in the UK. Lucy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was born into a Welsh puppy farm in 2008. She was repeatedly bred to produce... Continue Reading →

Saving Buddy by Nicola Owst

Saving Buddy by Nicola Owst I love to read heartwarming books about rescue dogs and Buddy's story is truly amazing. I have always had a fondness for Staffordshire Bull Terriers, there are so many misconceptions about the breed and I love to see them portrayed as the loyal and caring dogs that they really are.... Continue Reading →


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