Antlers For Dogs

Antlers For Dogs

I noticed recently that there was a build up of tartar on my dog’s teeth and his breath had started to smell too. Ripley is a Chihuahua with a tiny mouth and even the smallest toothbrush is too big. Dogs are often prone to dental problems due to overcrowding, broken teeth, gum infections, and tartar and plaque build up. I had heard great things about deer antlers for dogs but had some concerns about the safety of these products.


In the past I have supplied my dogs with rawhide chews to keep teeth clean, but recent press reports have been very detrimental.

Dangers of Rawhide Chews

I had heard scary stories about dogs choking on rawhide chews and knew they were no longer recommended. The reasons this type of dog chew can be risky for dogs is :

Choking Hazard

Rawhide chews can become soft when chewed, and larger pieces can be swallowed whole or in large chunks, leading to choking or gastrointestinal blockages. These blockages can be severe and may require surgery to remove.

Digestive issues

Rawhide is not easily digestible, and when dogs ingest large amounts, it can cause gastrointestinal upset, including vomiting and diarrhea.


Some rawhide chews have been found to contain harmful chemicals, like preservatives, bleach, or other toxic substances, which can pose health risks to dogs.

Dental problems

Rawhide chews may not be effective in promoting dental health. They can get soft and sticky when chewed, potentially sticking to a dog’s teeth and promoting plaque and tartar build up.

Quality control issues

The production of rawhide chews is not highly regulated, and some products may come from questionable sources, leading to concerns about quality and safety.

Antlers For Dogs

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After researching, I was confident that as long as my dogs were supervised when given antlers, the benefits could by far outweigh any negatives.

What Makes Antlers Safer For Dogs?


Antlers are incredibly durable and long-lasting compared to many other types of chew toys. They are made of dense bone-like material, making them tough enough to withstand heavy chewing.

Natural and safe

High-quality antlers are sourced from deer or elk that naturally shed them, so they are considered a natural and safe option for dogs to chew on. Unlike some artificial chew toys, antlers don’t contain harmful chemicals or artificial additives.

Chewing on antlers can help clean a dog’s teeth by reducing plaque and tartar build up. The gnawing action can act as a natural toothbrush, promoting better dental health and fresher breath.


Antlers are a good source of essential minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus. These minerals can benefit a dog’s overall health, particularly their bones and teeth.


Antlers are relatively clean and don’t leave a lot of residue or stains around the house like some other types of chew toys or treats might.


Pet Treats

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From The Manufacturer

EcoKind elk antler dog chews are available in Tips, Split, and Whole antlers to make sure you get the right match for your perfect pup. Elk Antler Tips are best for small dogs, Whole Elk Antlers are best for large dogs, and our Split Elk Antlers are cut in half lengthwise to expose the marrow-filled core — ideal for senior dogs.

All of our elk antlers come from the Rocky Mountains right here in the USA. EcoKind Elk Antlers are absolutely safe for dogs and puppies! All EcoKind products are 100% free of chemicals and preservatives. All-natural dog treats from animal products are a safe alternative to plastic toys that can break become a choking hazard. Of course, like any treat or toy, we recommend close supervision of your doggo to make sure they stay safe.


My Honest Review of Antlers For Dogs

I purchased the antlers in different sizes to suit the size of my dogs.

I thought they were on the expensive side for the size received, however I knew that if the product worked, it could prevent expensive dental operations.

The antlers had no sharp edges and felt strong and durable, just like the company claimed.

Both dogs loved their new treats and happily chewed away. The antler maintained it’s shape with no stickiness whatsoever.

I made sure I was sitting close by when I gave the antlers to the dogs and removed them after half an hour.

After a few days the dogs lost interest in the antlers so I added some pet friendly peanut butter and interest was restored. At other times I added a little yoghurt or pate to the antler, however this can get a little messy.

The dogs have been chewing on the antlers for over a month now on a daily basis. The antlers haven’t reduced in size or lost durability, so my concerns about cost were unjustified. I’m sure that the antlers will remain strong and solid even with heavy chewers.

Teeth definitely appear cleaner and breathe fresher so I am confident that the antlers have  improved dental hygiene for my dogs.


Buy the correct size of antler for your dog.

Give the antlers to your dog for short, supervised periods, then remove completely.

Add something tasty to the antler if your dog loses interest.

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