How a Rescue Dog Can Change Your Life.

I had some extremely sad news recently. One of my ex-foster dogs, Mickey, has passed away. He was a thirteen-year-old Yorkshire Terrier and I was lucky enough to follow his life after adoption because he went to live with a relative of a close friend. In fact, I agreed that whenever his mum and dad wanted to... Continue Reading →

How to Choose The Right Dog Bed

When Darcy the miniature dachshund came to us as a rescue he didn't have one possession, not even a collar. He didn't even recognise the name they provided us with (Dappy!) and he was already an adult dog. When I offered him a treat for the first time, he backed away, and he still doesn't know how... Continue Reading →

Living With An Anxious Dog

Just like humans, dogs can be prone to anxiety and it can show up in many different ways, and each dog will react differently. Separation anxiety is one of the most common problems and causes immense stress for the owner because everyone has to leave their dogs sometimes. It's hard to know the size of the problem... Continue Reading →

How Many Dogs is Too Many?

Here are my own two dogs (Alfie has now sadly died) my daughter's cava poo Rosie and Mickey the Yorkshire Terrier who is an ex-foster dog who comes back for holidays. As you can see they all got on really well!   Are dogs Addictive and How Many is Too Many? It's easy to convince... Continue Reading →

Who Rescued Who? Dog Rescue.

Yesterday I received a phone call from the lady who adopted my first ever foster dog, Misty, who is on the right in the picture. She just rang me for a chat, an update and to see how I was, how lovely is that? It's been six years since I started fostering. I had enquired at... Continue Reading →

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