Natural Pet Cleaning Solutions

Natural Pet Cleaning Solutions From Your Store Cupboard For the very best way to remove pet stains and odours from your home, you don't have to look further than your store cupboard. Don't waste money on expensive products which claim to eliminate stains and odours made from dogs and cats. If the enzymes from urine... Continue Reading →

Resource Guarding In Dogs – Training Tips

What is Resource Guarding in Dogs? Resource Guarding in dogs is a behaviour which is displayed by dogs who do not want other dogs (or humans) to gain access to their possessions or resources. This can include: Food Toys Territory Objects People This is a common, instinctive, behavioural problem which is can arise from genetics,... Continue Reading →

Simple Solutions: Common Dog Behaviour Problems

Simple Solutions: Dog Behaviour Problems (Separation Anxiety, Bolting Food, Jumping Up)   Here are some Simple Solutions for common dog behaviour problems. 1 Separation Anxiety- Crying when you leave the house. 2 Bolting Food - Eating Too Fast. 3 Jumping Up - Greeting people too enthusiastically. The solutions are easy to implement but take patience... Continue Reading →

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