Fireworks Anxiety in Dogs

Fireworks Anxiety in Dogs It's almost Fireworks season and for some dog owners, it can be a very worrying time. I have seen perfectly normal dogs reduced to quivering wrecks at this time of year and it is so upsetting for dog owners to see their pet in this emotional state .I hope this post... Continue Reading →

The SIT command (Basic Dog Training)

The SIT command for dogs The Sit command is probably the most basic command and the one most people start with when training a new puppy. It's important because when the puppy realises that he gets rewarded for performing commands he will want to learn more. The 'Sit' command will keep your dog safe from... Continue Reading →

15 Ways To Stop Barking

15 Ways To Stop Barking It is not practical to expect a dog to stop barking completely. It is a natural behaviour and some breeds are more prone to it than others. As a member of your pack, your dog feels that it is his job to protect you. If he hears a noise which... Continue Reading →

Do Dogs Feel Guilty?

Do Dogs Feel Guilty? We all know the look of absolute guilt on a dog's face when you come home to shredded mail or a chewed up slipper. We are told by experts that dogs don't feel complex human emotions, but it is hard to believe when you have experienced the look of shame. Therefore,... Continue Reading →

Exercising A Reactive Dog

Exercising A Reactive Dog This post comes from a discussion I had in a dog forum recently about exercising reactive dogs or dogs with the potential to be aggressive. Here is the problem. My rescue dog is unpredictable and can react aggressively if he feels he is under threat. He is fine with other dogs,... Continue Reading →

Understanding Scent Marking in Dogs

Understanding Scent Marking in Dogs What is Scent Marking? All dogs scent mark. It is completely natural behaviour, but it can be a real problem when the dog picks up the habit of scent marking inside the home. It is most often seen in unneutered males. High levels of testosterone make the dog want to... Continue Reading →

Reverse Sneezing in Dogs, Is it Dangerous?

 Reverse Sneezing in Dogs What is it? Have you noticed your dog suddenly start to make bizarre snorting noises and appear unable to breathe? It is known as reverse sneezing. He will stand still, extend his head and neck, pull back his lips and make loud, deep and forceful inhalations through the nose. The dog... Continue Reading →

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