Do Dogs Understand Other Dogs Barks?

Do Dogs Understand Other Dogs Barks? Owners can usually tell why their dog barks. It could be that they are trying to get your attention when the doorbell rings or to alert you to what they perceive to be danger. They could be asking for playtime or a walk, maybe it's dinnertime. The pitch and... Continue Reading →

Velcro Dogs – What are they?

What's Are Velcro Dogs? The velcro dog (or shadow dog) is a term used to describe clingy dogs who literally stick to their owner like glue, never leaving his/her side. It's not always a bad thing, in fact many owners love it! My own dogs are definitely velcro dogs. I have a rescue miniature dachshund... Continue Reading →

Eye Contact in Dogs

 Eye Contact In Dogs How Important Is it? Have you noticed that some dogs are happy to make eye contact with their owner, whilst others are extremely wary of it? I noticed that my rescue dog, who is extremely anxious is always reluctant to look at me, even when I spoke to him extremely softly.... Continue Reading →

Resource Guarding In Dogs – Training Tips

What is Resource Guarding in Dogs? Resource Guarding in dogs is a behaviour which is displayed by dogs who do not want other dogs (or humans) to gain access to their possessions or resources. This can include: Food Toys Territory Objects People This is a common, instinctive, behavioural problem which is can arise from genetics,... Continue Reading →

Travelling With An Anxious Dog

Travelling With An Anxious Dog We just got back from taking the dogs on holiday and I wanted to share some photos and tips which I found handy. Travelling with an anxious dog is never easy, but Darcy is a rescue dog who suffers terribly when his routine is disrupted. He has been here for... Continue Reading →

Escape Behaviour in Dogs

Escape Behaviour in Dogs Some dogs are brilliant escape artists. They jump, dig and chew their way through fences and barriers put there to keep them safe in a contained space. Escape behaviour in dogs is a problem which can be easily resolved, however it takes time and patience. It is easy to higher fences... Continue Reading →

What To Do When Dogs Don’t Get Along

What To Do When Dogs Don't Get Along In this post, I write about some of the reasons why sometimes two dogs who belong to the same household don't get along. In addition, there are helpful tips to try if the situation arises. I also describe actual situations that have occurred in my family regarding... Continue Reading →

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