When in Doubt, Play Dead by Ally Burguieres – Book Review


When in Doubt, Play Dead


Ally Burguieres


Featuring 70 watercolor illustrations, this totally adorable gift of a book offers wisdom and insight from a delightfully unexpected source: the opossum.

Shy, resourceful, and deeply misunderstood yet thoroughly relatable, opossums offer a model for seeing the world—and oneself—in an entirely fresh way.

Written and illustrated by Ally Burguieres, creator of the popular Instagram account @ItsMeSesame, who spends her days as a wildlife rehabber caring for and learning from opossums, When in Doubt, Play Dead offers encouragement to embrace life’s weird, wild, and wonderful moments.

Learn to live your life the opossum way with advice including the following.

  • The difference between a weed and a flower is often a matter of taste.
  • It’s nobody’s business what’s in your pouch. Unless you’ve got snacks in there. In which case, you should share.
  • A bit of risk is part of life. Cross that street, but ALWAYS look both ways beforehand.
  • Smile! Unless someone tells you to, in which case you are well within your rights to scream.
  • And more.

With kindness and humor, this enchanting book of life advice will surprise, inspire, and charm you.

When In Doubt, Play Dead

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My Thoughts On ‘When in Doubt, Play Dead’

What stood out for me in this charming, feel good book were the delightful illustrations created by the author Ally Burguieres. Living In the UK I was unaware of these little opossums but I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them, and their words of wisdom.

This book really is a labour of love for the author. She shares her story of how she rescued her first Opossum ‘Sesame’ and the others that followed. By observing the animals in minute detail, the author realised that they have a unique, cheerful and kind personality which could be highly advantageous to humans.

The short, sweet quotes and simple advice are funny and heartwarming. Paired with the amazing watercolour illustrations, this book becomes a sheer joy. It would make a great gift for any animal lover.

Thank you to NetGalley for a copy of this book, which I have reviewed honestly.

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