Let Food Be Your Medicine, Facts Not Fads pt 5


Let Food Be Your Medicine

Dr Steve Kringold


As part of my quest to gain more knowledge about good nutrition, I stumbled upon a book called Let Food Be Your Nutrition by Dr Steve Kringold. I intended to dip in and out of the book but found the writing style and information compelling and finished it within a weekend. It has equipped me with information about food, nutrition and diet that I previously was unaware of  and wanted to share my honest review in the hope it will also help others.

Let Food Be Your Medicine

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A healthy life starts with the food on your plate – make it the only medicine you ever take to live a disease-free life.

In today’s day and age, eating has been completely replaced with indulgence – one that is geared more towards popular, tastebud-tingling, and mouth-watering options that are consumed widely across the world.

And while food is supposed to be fulfilling and nutritious, the consumption of such ultra-processed delicacies brings with it a myriad of health-related issues.

According to National Public Radio, a typical U.S. diet is deadly, shortening the lives of many Americans, with more than half of heart-related deaths – close to 900 per day – linked to poor diet.

But it doesn’t stop here – this easily-available diet, taking up shelves of supermarkets and populating the menus of restaurants and diners, is also severely lacking in essential nutrients.

So, in this nutritional crisis, you’re also head-to-head against potentially fatal deficiencies that can result in frequent trips to the ER and put you on costly medicines that eat away at your savings.

However, there is a way to escape this 21st-century nutrition curse… and it starts with making the food you eat the medicine that restores your body.

In this modern man’s guide to making a healthy lifestyle a dream come true, you will discover:

  • The fundamentals of food to guide you in creating a healthy body and mind through these 6 core pillars of optimal health
  • How your body holds the power to restore you from within naturally, and how you can unlock this power using proper nutrition
  • A return to basics – uncover the building blocks of using food as medicine that help you against chronic diseases, provide anti-aging benefits, and even boost your immunity
  • Why your gut is the gateway to good health, and how to make sure it stays that way
  • Superfoods to the rescue – are they really worth the hype?
  • The physical side of living healthy – exercise, stress management, and a good night’s rest, the 3 secrets to lifelong health and happiness
  • What goes on your plate? Beat your cravings and master the art of healthy eating through portion control (it’s easier than it looks!)

And much more.

Food might be love, and food might be life, but it certainly is the only medicine that gives you long-term benefits, without burning a hole in your pocket.

And if you’re worried about finding it hard to shift to these new healthy habits, don’t worry. This guide will make building (as well as sticking to) new habits a breeze.

Let food be your medicine, and the pantry your medicine cabinet: scroll up and start living a healthy life.

My Thoughts On Let Food Be Your Medicine

The book starts by describing how food has evolved throughout the years, from hunter gathering to the introduction of farming and on to how food is processed in modern times. Dr Kringold then goes on to explain the methods doctors use to diagnose health conditions, and all the factors which can affect a medical decision. He then gives well researched, detailed information about every type of food source and how it can impact our health.

I found the writing style easy to understand, with interesting examples and a good injection of humour. The chapters are short , with concise lists which made the book really easy to navigate.

I loved how the author gave a handy ready reckoner of portions sizes, because I find weights difficult to envisage. So, knowing that 3 ounces of meat or poultry equates to a deck of cards was extremely helpful.

The chapter about the importance of sleep and how insomnia impacts health was interesting to me and will certainly be put to good use.

When I started the book I was a little worried that it would criticise the medical profession and steer readers away from conventional medicine. However, this was not the case at all and the book can easily be used in conjunction with medical practices.

This is a handy ‘go to’ book for all your nutritional information. Some reference books of this type lecture about what foods to avoid without stating the reasons why. This book informs and educates about what you should be eating too.

Thank you to NetGalley for a copy of this book, which I have reviewed honestly.

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