The Nurse by Valerie Keogh

The Nurse by Valerie Keogh

Do No Harm…

Bullied, overlooked and under-appreciated, Lissa McColl learns at an early age to do very bad things.

As a nurse, she is respected and valued for the first time in her life. But Lissa hates her job and the selfish, rude and inconsiderate people she has to deal with.

But being underestimated in this job had its advantages. Lissa can get close to people, find out their secrets… sometimes with deadly results…

The Nurse

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My Thoughts on The Nurse

This is the first book I have read by Valerie Keogh. I have no idea how that happened, but I fully intend to dive into her other publications, after devouring this addictive psychological thriller.

We first meet main character Lissa  McColl at the age of ten years old. Her home life is ‘complicated’ but not without love and affection. At school she finds herself tormented by the school bully. Did she report it to the Head Master or go home crying to her parents? No, she deals with the problem in her own way!

As a teenager, Lissa’s life changes drastically. Again, she faces her problems head on and finds a way forward. She qualifies as a nurse and works long hours but she feels worn out and unappreciated.

It’s difficult not to feel some sympathy for Lissa. Trauma definitely plays a part in how she reacts to situations. She is devoted to her mother and makes huge sacrifices, despite getting nothing in return.

The author has created a believable yet contradictory character who is truly fascinating.  Lissa is callous and paranoid  yet selfless and craving affection. Secondary characters are just as intriguing and the story moves quickly.

Don’t pick up this book if you have things to do or people to see. The hours slip away as you get invested in this fast paced, sinister and compelling story.

Thank you to Boldwood Books via NetGalley for a copy of the book, which I have reviewed honestly.

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