One Last Secret by Adele Parks

One Last Secret by Adele Parks

One last client
A week at a beautiful French chateau should be an easy final job for Dora. She’s smart, stunning and discreet.
She only needs to convince the other guests that she’s Daniel’s girlfriend.

One last chance
One final, luxurious week and she can leave the dangerous, difficult escort world, because Dora has fallen in love and is ready to embrace a better future.

One last secret
But as the guests assemble, it becomes terrifyingly apparent that putting her past behind her is impossible. And one last secret could cost Dora everything, including her life…

From the Sunday Times Number One bestseller Adele Parks comes a blisteringly provocative novel about power, sex, money and revenge.

One Last Secret

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My Thoughts

Adele Parks is one of my favourite authors so I was eager to see how this one unfolded.

Main character Dora is a sex worker, She talks honestly about her work in an articulate and open way. When she gets the chance to change her life, she takes the opportunity and looks forward to a brighter future. However, one last job is offered to her with a trusted client in a French chateau, and she decides to go ahead.

This is when things get a little creepy. She is with a group of her clients friends and let’s just say, they’re a very odd bunch! Dora feels uncomfortable in their company, and doesn’t know who she can trust. You can feel the tension through the pages as the danger increases. Dora’s story grips you and it’s hard to separate yourself from this compelling novel.

As always, the writing flows with ease and the secondary characters are unlikeable but extremely intriguing. This is one to pack in your suitcase and devour next to the pool with a refreshing drink by your side.

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Thank you to NetGalley for a copy of this book, which I have reviewed honestly.

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