Does Your Dog Share Your Personality?

Does Your Dog Share Your Personality?

Is your dog’s personality based around breed type, or do dog’s personalities mirror their owners?

Is it nature or nurture that forms the personality of our pets?

It’s well known that dogs pick up on the emotions of their owners. Dogs know when you are feeling happy, anxious, depressed or in pain. They adapt to the signals given off by a human’s body language and act accordingly.

Does Your Dog Share Your Personality?


In a new report compiled by The Kennel Club UK, the following dog/owner personalities were revealed. This was published in October 2022.

Source Research Into Breed Choices



The research  revealed which owners ranked the most highly for certain personality traits when compared to those who own other breeds:

  • Springer Spaniel – Most traditional, reserved, and punctual
  • Border Terrier  – Most charming, lively and exuberant
  • Cocker Spaniel –  Most creative and family-orientated
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier – Most affectionate and trustworthy
  • Jack Russell Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer – Most loyal and faithful

Dogs Picking Up Owner’s Feelings

It’s often said by dog trainers that dogs can feel the anxiety of a stressed dogwalker through the lead. We are told to keep the lead loose and fake a relaxed style, even when we feel inwardly anxious. A dog will respond to a calm voice, loose lead and cheerful gait by becoming less reactive to surroundings.


Does Your Dog Share Your Personality?


Dog owners say that if they feel unwell their dog will not leave their side. The dogs pick up on the signals of pain and curl up next to their best friend to give comfort.

This works both ways too. An owner can return home from work feeling stressed and tired to be met at the door by a wagging tail and their mood is instantly transformed.

Anyone watching a dog romp through a meadow on a Summer’s day can’t fail to feel joyful.

Happy Dog

Are some dog breeds happier than others?

Training must play a part in this dilemma. A well socialised puppy who has never heard a harsh word will certainly be happier than a rescue dog whose life has been devoid of love.

Having said that, a rehomed rescue dog can have great zest for life, once settled in a forever home. However, many carry anxiety traits for years, despite being given security and showered with love.

The Following Breeds are Thought to Have the Happiest Dispositions:

Labrador Retriever


Bedlington Terrier



Golden Retriever

Bichon Frise



Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Do you agree?

Happy Dogs

Even the happiest breeds will be miserable if their surroundings, levels of affection and physical and emotional needs are not met.

Any dog breed can become anxious and it isn’t always the owner’s fault. Triggers including thunder and fireworks can’t be avoided and can turn the calmest dog into a shivering wreck.

Does Your Dog Share Your Personality?

Temperamental Dogs

If a dog has a grumpy personality it is probably an anxiety issue and just like humans, dogs can become temperamental with age. It’s important to give your dog space when he needs it and never force him to do what he doesn’t want to.

From my experience smaller dogs are more temperamental than large dogs. Maybe their small size  contributes to their need to be assertive. There is also the fact that small dogs can be treated like babies, which spoils their temperaments in some cases.

Sociable Dogs

It’s so important that at the crucial puppy stages, dogs are trained to be sociable creatures. Life is so much easier with a dog who will welcome other people and animals into his space. Positive reinforcement training will keep puppies bodies and brains active, the best way to develop a happy adult dog.

Just For Fun

Do you look like your dog?

Here are some dogs who resemble famous people.


Bully Sticks

Some Questions

Does your dog share your personality?

Does your dog pick up on your feelings?

Is there such a thing as a ‘happy dog breed’ or is it all down to good ownership?

Please let me know in the comments section.


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