Ban of Shock Collars For Dogs


Ban of Shock Collars For Dogs

The media have recently reported that after a decade of campaigning by the Kennel Club, there will be a ban of shock collars for dogs in England.

The ban comes into place on February 1st 2024.

The ban has already been in place in Wales since 2010 and France from 2023.

Mark Beazley, chief executive of The Kennel Club, said:

“The legislation banning electric shock collars in England, which comes into force next year, is a historic moment for animal welfare and will put an end to the misery and suffering of countless dogs who are still subject to these cruel and unnecessary devices. There is simply no excuse for using these devices, which cause physical and psychological harm, especially given the vast array of positive training methods available.

“This is the culmination of over a decade of campaigning for us and we applaud Defra for helping to safeguard the welfare of our nation’s much-loved dogs. More action is urgently needed in Scotland, where regulations are needed to replace the ineffective guidance currently in place, and we will not rest until we see the complete ban on these devices that cause suffering and harm.”

How do shock collars work?

The collar delivers an electric shock to the dog’s neck from a remote control. It can reach a radius of two miles meaning a shock can be given when the dog is out of sight. The shock can last up to eleven seconds.

This  ‘training method’ is known to give dogs both physical and psychological  harm.


Ban of shock collars - better training techniques


Positive Dog Training Practices

Most dog trainers use positive reinforcement training which is a reward based method of training. Dogs love to please and with consistancy and patience it really works. Make positive dog training part of every day life and consult a vet or trainer if dog behaviour problems arise.

Readers from the United States will find this article from Shock-Free Coalition interesting.

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