30 Border Collie Facts

Border 30 Border Collie Facts

This post contains all the Border Collie facts you need to know. This fantastic, energetic and supremely intelligent breed have helped farmers move livestock for centuries. They make great family dogs as long as they are exercised well and mentally stimulated.

Border Collie Facts


It is believed that all Collies originated from one dog called ‘Old Hemp’ who was born in 1893.

They are thought to originate from the Anglo-Scottish border, hence the name Border Collie.

The word ‘collie’ comes from the Scottish word for useful.

Queen Victoria owned many Collies in her lifetime. Her favourite was a dog called Sharp who was often painted sitting next to her.

The Border Collie is considered to be the most intelligent breed of dog.

Border Collie Facts

Border Collie Facts

They belong to the Pastoral dog group (sometimes known as the Herding Group)

Border Collie’s are considered to be medium sized dogs and can weigh between 30-45 pounds.

They are between 18 -22 inches tall.

Average lifespan is twelve years old.

Ears are partially erect or flop halfway

The Border Collie is the Duracell battery of the dog world.

Border Collie Facts


Border Collie’s have an overwhelming urge to gather a flock, even herding children or cars if they get the chance.

These herding dogs have an intense, alert gaze.

They are extremely alert to voices, hand signals or a whistle.


Black And White Collie

Border Collie Coat

Coats can be rough or smooth

They need a regular brush to cut down on seasonal shedding.

The double coat is weather resistant.

Black and white Collies are predominant but they actually come in a variety of colours.

Merle Collie


Merle Collies often have different coloured eyes.


Renowned for excellence in herding, agility, flyball and obedience work,

This highly energetic breed need at least two hours of exercise per day.

Border Collie Agility



Collies can be shy with humans if not properly socialised as a puppy.

They are good with other dogs and children.


Although considered a healthy breed, health problems include epilepsy, eye disorders and hip dysplasia.

Bully Sticks


Collies pick up training techniques easily especially positive re-enforcement, as they love to please.

Recall training is important, these dogs love to chase.

Dog enrichment toys will keep a Border Collie’s brain active.

This breed make excellent police dogs, searching for bombs and drugs or search and rescue.

Border collie facts


Puppies weigh 7-8 pounds at eight weeks old, with males slightly bigger than females.

It takes a full year for them to be fully grown.

Average litter sizes are 4 – 8 puppies

Famous Border Collies

Border Collies

Fly starred in the movie Babe which was filmed in 1995. She played the surrogate mother of Babe the little orphaned piglet.

Blue Peter

UK readers of a certain age will remember Shep the Border Collie from the children’s television programme Blue Peter. He lived with presenter John Noakes and died in 1987 aged 16 years.

Other Types Of Collie

Rough Collie

Smooth Collie

Bearded Collie

Shetland Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog


Welsh Sheepdog

English Sheepdog



The Complete Guide To Border Collies

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If you are considering adding a Border Collie to your family, take a look at the rescue site below.

Border Collie Trust GB

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