Doggy Pool Party For Cool Dogs


Doggy Pool Party For Cool Dogs

Dogs can really suffer in the hot summer months and it’s important to be vigilant and stop them from overheating. A doggy pool party isn’t just fun, it keeps your dog cool too. Why not invite over some doggy friends (and humans too!) to enjoy an afternoon of sunshine in the garden.

Doggy Pool Party


Now, I’m not talking about dressing dogs in bikinis, sending invitations and doggy goodie bags here. The point of this doggy pool party is to let dogs interact in fun play and keep them cool in hot temperatures. Choose four to five friendly dogs who are familiar to your own dog and let the entertainment begin.


How To Host A Doggy Pool Party

It’s important that the garden has shady areas where the dogs can go to take time out or cool down. Use a parasol to give extra shade and place interactive toys under trees.

Plenty of fresh water is needed to keep the dogs hydrated.

Lots of icy treats are sure to be popular.

A paddling pool for the water babies is a great addition.

Devise interactive games for the dogs, an agility course is great fun.

Why is it important to provide a shaded area?

Dogs can easily suffer from heatstroke in Summer and they can’t control their body temperatures like humans do.

Shaded area

This elevated dog bed comes with a UV detachable canopy and breathable fabric to keep your dog both shaded and cool.

The following post shows all the signs of heatstroke to look out for and how to prevent it.

Heatstroke In Dogs

Is hydration important?

Yes it really is important to avoid dehydration in hot climates. The below post shows signs of dog dehydration and some tips to get your dog to drink more.

Dog Dehydration Symptoms

Can dogs get sunburnt?

White dogs and hairless breeds can get sunburn on their stomachs, noses and paws. Keep your dog cool and safe by reading the following post.

Keep Your Dogs Cool and Prevent Sunburn

How To Make Icy Treats For Your Doggy Pool Party

These don’t have to be complicated, just focus on adding food that your dog really loves.

  • Fill an ice cube tray  or silicone cup cake case half way and put into the freezer.
  • When the water is solid, add a blueberry or some dog friendly) peanut butter and add more water. Put this back into the freezer.
  • Finally add some yoghurt and  freeze again.
  • Simply pop out of the tray when your guests arrive.

These icy treats will keep the dogs occupied, hydrated and cool.

If you don’t have the space for a  pool party, look out for them at doggy day care centres in your area.

Keeping Your Dog Cool In Summer

Over the years I’ve tried different types of paddling pools to keep my dogs cool in the hot months of Summer.

To be honest, it was never a great success.

Some dogs just won’t go in of there own accord and have to be placed in the pool to stop them overheating. When I tried a cheap child’s paddling pool the inflatable bit burst when it came in contact with a sharp claw and another dog flooded the lawn by pushing down the sides of a larger pool.

I was overjoyed to find this Sprinkler Play Mat and Garden Toy and have used one for several years now, without any problems.

Doggy Pool Party

This durable pool has water jets to cool down dogs and make summer fun. We put some rubber toys in there and soon the dogs were having a great time.


The Chuckit! Ball Launcher will provide hours of fun for both dogs and their owners. A sturdy ball launcher will last for years and give your dog essential exercise, help with  recall training and lots of fun.

Doggy Pool Party - Toys

Chuckit balls



The Boomer Ball is a large ball which floats on water. This hardwearing ball keeps the dogs occupied by pushing it along the ground with nose or paws. Dogs run off excess energy by using their natural instinct to chase.

Dog Garden Toys



These interactive toys will keep the most hyperactive dogs occupied and really test the brain cells of your dog. The interactive puzzle rewards the dogs ingenuity with hidden treats he can find by pushing, flipping and sliding compartments.

Interactive dog toys for pool party


Frisbees are always a favourite at doggy pool parties and these double up as water bowls too. These also float and can be taken to the beach or on camping trips.




Make sure that the dogs are supervised at all times for obvious safety reasons.

Many dog owners hold birthday parties for their dogs with banners, cakes and fancy hats. This is great fun and getting more popular as we speak. However, let dogs be dogs and enjoy some sociable and interactive fun in the sunshine

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