Freeze-Dried Dog Food


Freeze-Dried Dog Food

We  have all heard how great a raw food diet is for our dogs. However,  it isn’t for everyone.

This revolutionary new type of freeze-dried dog food takes out the stress of a raw diet without reducing the extra nutrition. It is easily stored, tasty and has huge health benefits for your dog.


freeze-dried dog food

Here are the disadvantages of a raw diet for dogs.

  • Bacteria from raw meat can be harmful to people and canines
  • Bones may produce a choking hazard, fractured teeth or abdominal tears.
  • Essential nutrients needed to keep a dog healthy may be lacking in a raw diet.
  • Handling, storing and preparation of raw meat can be problematic.

Many dogs thrive on raw food, without any problems.

The health benefits include;

  • Shiny coats
  • Less dental decay
  • Increased energy
  • Fewer Allergies
  • Less obesity
  • Less anal gland problems

We all want the very best for our dogs, but taking the step of starting a  raw (or Barf, which stands for Bones And Raw Food) diet is challenging to a dog owner.

This convenient freeze dried dog food is a safe alternative.

What is Freeze- Dried Dog Food?

Vacuum pressure is added to raw meat to remove 97% of its moisture and produce a dry, crunchy dog food. This cold temperature measure ensures that essential nutrients are not destroyed. Minimal preservatives are added, so the food is super healthy for your dog.

Some brands include fruit and vegetables as well as the raw meat or fish.

Some freeze-dried dog food are passed through a pasteurisation process which helps to reduce quantities of harmful bacteria.


  • Shelf Life and Storage – Freeze-dried dog food lasts much long than normal raw food and is much easier to store.
  • There is no need to add extra nutrients to this food, everything is included.
  • No freezing or defrosting is required
  • Nutritional Value –  All nutrients and flavours are preserved in the freezing procedure, no cooking is involved,
  • No preparation is required.
  • Great For fussy eaters – Even dogs who have little appetite or are picky eaters tend to really enjoy this tasty alternative.
  • Meat is responsibly sourced i.e. free range or humanely raised,
  • No bulking agents are added.
  • It can be combined with kibble or used as a topper to increase nutritional value of an existing diet.
  • Most freeze-dried dog food is softer than kibble, perfect for aging dogs with missing teeth.
  • Treats – handy bitesize chunks to use as tasty treats when training, without the risk of obesity.
  • Dental Health – i.e. clean teeth and fresh breath.
  • Faeces are small, with little smell and easy to pick up.
  • Reduces bloat in dogs.
  • Natural superfoods and botanicals are added to the meat to enhance nutrition.
  • Firm stools ensure that anal glands are emptied  naturally.


  • Expense – This type of dog food may appear to be more expensive than conventional food. The reason for this is that high quality ingredients are expensive and the freezing process is time consuming. However, the health benefits compensate for this and as stated above it can be used alongside regular food to cut costs.

         My tip would be to buy a small amount and see if your dog likes it first.

  • Freeze-dried food is not suitable for dogs with a compromised  immune system. The reason is that because the food is frozen not cooked, there may be limited bacteria present. High Pressure Pasteurization is used to decrease pathogens but this does not guarantee safety.



  • If you are changing from conventional kibble to freeze-dried dog food you are advised to add the new food in gradually over a few weeks. This is so that the dog acclimatizes slowly to his/her new diet.
  • Always provide lots of fresh drinking water when changing to a freeze-dried diet.
  • Check the label to see if water needs to be added before serving.
  • Consult your vet with any concerns about changing your dog’s diet.




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