Shelter Dog Poems

Shelter Dog Poems These are poems I wrote for shelter dogs in rescue centres. The first is the story of Old Patch and Old Billy who are now in their twilight years and are always overlooked in the kennels.    The Kennels Were Quiet The kennels were quiet Now the gates were closed The puppies... Continue Reading →

Maltese Dog Breed

Maltese Dog Breed The Maltese dog is a pure white, dainty and elegant breed. However, don't be mistaken, this breed are adjustable, hardy and make great watchdogs. They are comfortable curled up on a warm lap or hurdling through an assault course. History This ancient breed goes back 8,000 years. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed... Continue Reading →

Velcro Dogs – What are they?

What's Are Velcro Dogs? The velcro dog (or shadow dog) is a term used to describe clingy dogs who literally stick to their owner like glue, never leaving his/her side. It's not always a bad thing, in fact many owners love it! My own dogs are definitely velcro dogs. I have a rescue miniature dachshund... Continue Reading →

Best Dog Breeds For Seniors

Best Dog Breeds For Seniors There are so many reasons why someone chooses to become a dog owner in later life. In many cases the children have moved on, retirement looms and time is in abundance. There is no question that a dog offers many opportunities to exercise and meet new people, provide a faithful... Continue Reading →

Doggy Pool Party For Cool Dogs

Doggy Pool Party For Cool Dogs Dogs can really suffer in the hot summer months and it's important to be vigilant and stop them from overheating. A doggy pool party isn't just fun, it keeps your dog cool too. Why not invite over some doggy friends (and humans too!) to enjoy an afternoon of sunshine... Continue Reading →

Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Freeze-Dried Dog Food We  have all heard how great a raw food diet is for our dogs. However,  it isn't for everyone. This revolutionary new type of freeze-dried dog food takes out the stress of a raw diet without reducing the extra nutrition. It is easily stored, tasty and has huge health benefits for your... Continue Reading →

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