A Tribute To Rosie

A Tribute To Rosie


The day I met Rosie she was a tiny bundle of golden curls, full of fun and adored by her mum and dad (my daughter and son-in-law). She turned into a gentle, patient Cavapoo who loved life, and any food she could get her paws on!

Rosie’s hugs were legendary. On request, she would put her paws on your shoulders and nuzzle her little curly head into your face. This was guaranteed the best anti-depressant ever!

Rosie and Luca

She was the only dog in the family for many years but when Luca the Goldendoodle was introduced, she sweetly accepted that the big, goofy, sensitive giant was her new brother. Luca learned everything from Rose and looked to her for security and reassurance.

In a family of male dogs she was the only girl, our princess. In a crowd of rowdy boys, she remained sweet, gentle and incredibly patient. When her mum and dad went on holiday she stayed with me and slotted in perfectly, accepted and loved by my own dogs. As long as there were treats on offer she was happy, and always first in the queue.


I can’t say how much I enjoyed being Rosie’s nanny. We would have secrets that her mum didn’t know about and I could spoil her with no guilt whatsoever. There are no words for how much joy I got from seeing her bounding through long grass and chasing squirrels, with a look of sheer happiness on her face.

For her mum and dad she was there through some tough times and was a constant, calm, reassuring face, always happy to cuddle up and dry the tears. Definitely a ‘mummy’s girl, she was my daughter’s rock, confidante and totally adored.


On Saturday 18th March Rosie left us in just the way she lived her life, peacefully, softly and quietly. She showed no sign of illness or old age. It was a terrible shock for everyone, but at eleven years old our angel had found her wings.

Now the family have to face a world without  Rosie. She has left a huge void for the humans who loved her and her canine brother and friends. It will be hard to enjoy a tasty snack without those big, brown eyes pleading for her share or trying to dip her nose into your cup of tea.


Luca has lost his security blanket and will now have to adjust to life without his sister. We’ll be there, telling him to be a brave boy and trying very hard not to spoil him .He has a very important job to do now, he has to continue Rosie’s legacy by spreading love, comfort and happiness.


Here is a poem I wrote for Rosie. Hopefully it will help other’s who have lost precious fur babies.


A Rose From Our Rose

How do you carry on?

With gentle hugs and kisses  gone

Big brown eyes no longer shine

No waggy tails at dinner time

No welcoming face at the door

Or tiny nudge from an expectant paw

An empty bed, an unused bowl

No morning cuddles or evening stroll


Through the sadness a message came

Look at the flower in my name

I don’t want to see you cry

If you need me, I’ll be nearby

Sending rainbows and sunny showers

A candle light, warm breeze and flowers

A Rose to brighten up your day

I’m still here, you’ll be okay



It’s hard to get over the grief from losing a beloved pet. Some people don’t know what to say or blurt out something totally inappropriate. Others avoid the subject altogether which is hard to accept when your heart is broken. 


Over the years I have personally lost dogs and shared their stories on this blog. Here are just a few posts which may help anyone who is going through the grief of losing a pet.

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Leave a comment below if you are struggling with the loss of a pet and remember you are not alone.









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  1. Wishing you peace and beautiful memories of your darling Rosie. My heart aches for your loss and for those I can no longer walk with. She is with you, let her loss guide you on and to know we love so deeply the emptiness that comes when their time comes for the last goodbye let’s us go on and fills our broken hearts with the love they leave behind. We never lose them they live on in our hearts, forever. God bless you Rosie. 🙏

  2. Oh, I am so heartbroken for you. Your poem has brought tears to my eyes. I haven’t had to go through the trauma of losing a beloved fur baby yet, but am dreading the day.
    Our Rosie sounds so much like your Rosie, just an absolute furry bundle of joy.
    Sending you much love and licks from The Fab Four.

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