Simple Dog Bathing Solutions


Simple Dog Bathing Solutions

When someone asks me what is the worst thing about owning a dog I always reply instantly with the same answer……muddy paws!

It’s lovely to see a dog running free, jumping in puddles or even enjoying a quick dip in the lake.

However, we are soon brought back to Earth when it’s time to go back home.

An owner doesn’t want to take the enjoyment out of an exciting walk by stressing the dog out trying to clean muddy paws. If the dog has been walked on a beach, sand gets everywhere, and will quickly transfer to car seats and carpets.

It’s important, not to just keep our dogs clean and healthy, but also to keep our homes hygienic, clean and smelling fresh.

These Simple Dog Bathing Solutions Are Designed To Make Keeping Your Dog Clean, Much Easier.


Collapsible Dog Bath

They can be easily slotted into a small space when not in use or placed in the car to take on holiday. You can add a little water to wash just the paws or fill to give your dog a really good wash.

I give my dogs a quick groom and nail trim with them standing in the bath (without water). They are less likely to run away and the fur and nail clippings are collected and easily removed.

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Collapsible dog baths can be used inside or out. Some have plugs so that the water can be drained easily.

If you use the dog bath inside your own bath or shower tray there is no lifting required and your bathroom stays clean and hygienic.

I love a product that has multiple uses and this transforms into a cooling pool for the dog to use in the garden during hot summer days.

Also, it can be used to store dog toys when not in use.

The collapsible dog bath comes in different sizes to suit the size of your pet.

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Pet Grooming Gloves

Do you have a long haired dog or cat who leaves a trail of fur wherever they go?

Are you constantly vacuuming the carpet?

These pet grooming gloves are a great way to gently remove excess fur whilst giving your pet a good stroke .They’re great for anxious dogs who don’t like being brushed, and especially good to get into those ‘hard to reach’ areas.

bathing solutions

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From The Manufacturer

  • Unbeatable quality at an unbeatable price – Our YEPETS Gloves are carefully designed for grooming, deshedding, bathing, and massaging your dogs and cats with long/short/curly fur. Proven design, but half the price!
  • Relaxing Effect – The gloves will make your pet feel like they are being petted. Ideal for brushing an anxious dog and reducing their stress.
  • Keeps Your Pet Groomed & Looking Fabulous – Easily remove loose undercoats, tangles, and debris without causing any pain or scratching to your furry friend’s skin. Also helps keep your home clean by letting you easily remove fur from couches, blankets, car seats, beds and more!
  • Massaging Action Stimulates Skin Oils – Not only removes hair but also stimulates skin oils to make fur soft, smooth and shiny. A great way to pamper your pet with a lot of love!
  • Easy To Use 5 Finger Design – Reach all those hard-to-get areas like the tail, face or armpits with our easy to use five finger design. Choose from four different colours: black, red, blue or green. Get two YEPETS Grooming Gloves now!


 Dry Shampoo for Dogs

I love this dry shampoo for dogs. It’s a really quick way to keep your dog squeaky clean between baths. Sometimes you just need something to hand to clean a muddy pup and this dry shampoo doesn’t need water or rinsing after use. The ingredients are natural, so no irritation and a ‘no tears’ formula to clean messy faces too!

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Portable Pet Shower

bathing solutions

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Portable Paw Cleaner

If your dog just needs a quick paw clean after a walk, these portable paw washers are a great addition.

There is a removable silicone brush inside the container which gently removes dirt from the paw when the container is filled with soapy water. A small drying cloth is also included.



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Houston Imports Hooded Dog Bathrobe Towel – Dog Grooming Bundle with Highly Absorbent Soft Micro-Fiber Towel Dog Robe and Pair of Dog Cleaning Gloves to Help Detangle Dog Hair While Grooming

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bathing solutions

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Do you have a small pooch that loves to be pampered? This dog grooming bundle includes a really cute hooded bathrobe that will help to dry your dog quickly. No more wet bathrooms or chasing around the house with a towel! Then use the grooming gloves to remove tangles, excess fur and leave your dog feeling super relaxed. This highly rated product comes from a friendly, family based company who our devoted to giving your small dog a calm and comfortable bathing experience.

Hopefully these simple solutions for dog bathing will ease the pain of muddy paws after dog walks and let your pet explore freely just how he/she desires.

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  1. Oh i like the collapsible bin one! We did had the mud busters at our store, but I didn’t tried them out.. sadly I have dachshunds.. so not on’y the paws get muddy but their bellies & brother’s back too!! 😂 (because the « flicks » off her paws get thrown onto his back.. 🤦🏽‍♀️) — hard to avoid baths with those ones.. although I do keep a pet specific cloth so I can wipe them atleast.

    True siblings but so different; my girl LOVES the water & doesnt mind baths too much, as she can bring her beloved ball (she legit drop the ball inside & hop in herself!) but my male is even worst than a cat 😬 he does NOT appreciate at all.

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