Clean & Green by Nancy Birtwhistle


Clean & Green

 Nancy Birtwhistle

Learn how easy it is to make simple swaps in your cleaning and tidying methods for a more eco-friendly home.

This beautifully illustrated black and white guide with 101 hints and sustainable, natural cleaning tips and hacks will help you take small steps that have a massive positive environmental impact. In Clean & Green, Nancy Birtwhistle shares the simple recipes and methods she has developed since making a conscious effort to live more sustainably, many of which are faster and easier than the go-to products and methods most of us use now.

From everyday cleaning and laundry tips to zero-effort oven cleaner and guidance on removing tricky stains from clothing and furniture, these economical, practical methods are perfect for anyone looking to reduce their use of plastic and throwaway products. Nancy shares her tried-and-tested recipes for all-purpose cleaners, replacements for harmful chemicals that will keep both your home and the planet clean and green for future generations.

Clean and Green

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My Thoughts

As a pet lover I have often spoken about how concerned I am about the use of chemicals in home cleaning brands, and how dangerous these can be for dogs in particular. In addition to this, these harsh cleaners are causing great damage to the environment along with the plastic they are contained in.

This handy and informative book gives simple recipes for every cleaning product needed throughout the home. Many of the items required will already be in your kitchen cupboards. All are cheap, can be purchased in bulk and are completely harmless to pets, wildlife and the environment. The cleaning solutions are easy to make and can be stored and refilled in glass bottles which drastically cuts down the use of plastic containers.

Author Nancy Birtwhistle is best known for winning The Great British Bake Off .However, it is clear from reading the hacks and tips in this book, that she is a keen environmentalist too. All the recipes and cleaning methods have been devised with specific jobs in mind. They have all been tried and tested by Nancy herself.

This book proves that you can still have a sparkling clean home without the use of harmful chemicals and still save yourself money. It shows how you can clean kitchen appliances safely and keep them running smoothly and for longer. There is a section to show how to control garden pests and remove mould, how to clean jewellery and make homemade relaxing bath soaks and even hand sanitizer.

I know I will be referring back to Clean & Green on a regular basis and passing on some of the inspiring tips I learned from reading the book. It would make a great gift for anyone who wants to become more Eco-friendly, save money and protect our families, pets and waterways from hazardous chemicals.

Thank you to the publisher for a copy of the book, which I have reviewed honestly.

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