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Christmas Yet To Come

 DB Carter

Christmas may only be a few days away, but for sixteen-year-old Mark it’s the bleak midwinter. Living in the poor area of town run by the local drug dealer, he is trying to get an education while caring for his little sister Lizzy and their addict father. Mary, the girl on the train to whom his heart secretly belongs, wants to help, but how can she?

When the very little money his family has runs out just days before Christmas, things keep getting worse, until something happens which plunges Mark and his sister into an even deeper crisis. Then, at his darkest point, he finds hope in the message of the season and his late mother’s favourite story about Ebenezer Scrooge.

For Mark and Lizzy, is there is a Christmas yet to come?

A modern Dickensian tale of hope, love, romance and friendship.

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My Thoughts

I am a big fan of D. B. Carter so when I heard that he has written a Christmas novella I couldn’t wait to read it.

With so many Christmas books full of over the top commercialism and forced joviality it was a change to read about a family who were struggling to exist, let alone celebrate the festivities. Teenager Mark is trying to keep the family together despite his father’s bad decision making due to his addiction. Mark feels responsible for giving his younger sister Lizzie the Christmas that she deserves, but just putting food on the table is a true struggle.

When all seems lost Mark settles down with Lizzie to watch their late mother’s favourite film A Christmas Carol. The message hits home and Lizzie decides that instead of getting angry she should pity people without morals who are dishonest and aggressive. Then slowly things begin to change, from something bad a chain of events leads them to experience kindness and love from unexpected directions. Suddenly Christmas isn’t cancelled, it’s more magical than ever.

This quick read portrays the true meaning of Christmas and gives out a message that hope, caring and honesty really do reap rewards. It shows that bad things happen to good people but kindness given out is always returned. This beautiful story is symbolic of a modern day A Christmas Carol and is sure to pull at your heart strings and evoke some deep thinking.

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Many thanks to the author for a copy of the book, which I have reviewed honestly.



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