Happy Dog Days at the Pug Cafe by Anushka Fernando

Happy Dog Days at the Pug Cafe

Anushka Fernando


Bertie The Pug

Bertie the pug had an unlucky start in life.

Diagnosed with hemivertebrae and unable to walk, his owner decided to open up a dog-friendly cafe where he could meet friends and have fun.

The Pug Cafe quickly became a very special place for all dog owners to meet and have a drink.

But when the cafe faced closure, it was brave Bertie the pug and his friends who came to the rescue.

Inspired by true events, Happy Days at the Pug Cafe tells the heartwarming story of one little pug and his beloved cafe.

Help yourself to a Puguccino, put up your paws and get your nose into the heartwarming tale of Bertie and friends.

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My Thoughts

This is a really enjoyable read for anyone who loves dogs..but Pugs in particular.

It tells the story of Bertie who was born as the runt of a litter of puppies. Sadly on his first walk in the big wide world, he fell ill and had to undergo surgery to save his life. Thankfully,  he recovered but his owner worried that he had missed out on a crucial part of any dog’s life….gaining socialisation skills.

So that Bertie could make friends, she organised a meet up for Pugs in the area. This was more successful than Anoushka anticipated. The Pug cafe followed and Bertie became an internet sensation.

All dogs have special instincts and Bertie knew that Anushka was struggling inwardly with loneliness and anxiety. Despite her feelings, she had gone out of her way to make sure that Bertie made friends. Now it was time for Bertie to repay that kindness. He made a promise to his Mumma to discover his ‘Puggy Purpose’ and now it was time to put his plan into action.

The book shows that the author has an amazing understanding of the Pug breed. All their little quirks and characteristics come to life when Bertie narrates the story. I loved how the book displayed a huge depth of communication and bond between an owner and her dog. Even when a human tries to hide how they are feeling, their dog can not be fooled.

The story is warm and funny but also sad in places. I loved the wedding and all the suspense that lead up to it. The writing is simplistic but also endearing and compassionate.

A beautiful story for all dog lovers.

About The Author

Anushka Fernando and her pug Bertie set up the UK’s first real-life Pug Cafe, the perfect place for pugs to relax with their human buddies and socialise.
The cafe has worked with animal charities including the Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Organisation and made numerous appearances across national media.
Happy Dog Days at the Pug Cafe is Anushka and Bertie’s first book based on their real-life adventures together, and is out on 29th October.

Thank you so much Mel from Mirror Books for a copy of the book, and the blog tour invite. I have reviewed the book honestly.

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