Return to Magnolia Bloom by Paula Adler

Return to Magnolia Bloom

Paula Adler

A century ago, a castle was built in East Texas and a magic more than

happily-ever-after came to life in Magnolia Grove


With a divorce looming on the horizon, Paige MacInnes is afraid her ever-after will be anything but happy. When a beloved family member dies, Paige returns to Magnolia Grove to honor her aunt’s last wishes, only to find she’s been tapped to take over as the castle’s curator. With her marriage on the rocks, Paige doesn’t believe in the wedding venue’s magic anymore and isn’t sure it ever existed.


The castle may be beautiful, but it’s just authentic Scottish stone and cement, a curiosity with no more “magic” than a common farmhouse. While she won’t sell a well-marketed fairytale to lure couples to wed in East Texas, she’s determined not to let the family business fail. She agrees to a six-month assignment with plans to move on, even if she faces the future alone.


Will the magic of Magnolia Grove heal Paige’s soul, or is she right, and the magic is gone forever?

Return To Magnolia Grove

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My Thoughts

This is an enjoyable family drama based around the MacInnes family and a Scottish castle built in East Texas. I hadn’t read the previous novella Welcome To Magnolia Bloom and at first, had difficulty familiarising myself with all the characters. However, I soon placed everyone and got engrossed in this dual timeline story.

I liked that the book was written around strong female characters with interesting backstories. I found one of the characters particularly relatable and shed a few tears as her story unfolded. The mystery element added intrigue and really kept the pages turning.

Thank you to the author for a copy of the book, which I have reviewed honestly.

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