Out Of The Pantry by Ronni Robinson

Out Of The Pantry

A Disordered Eating Journey

Ronni Robinson

Pre-teen Ronni is a seemingly normal girl growing up in the suburbs, until the day her mom hides cookies.  Soon after, Ronni has an unexplainable compulsion to eat more and more and more junk.

In secret and shame, she overeats and binges through tween years, high school, college, an abusive first marriage, and even a loving second marriage. Over thirty years, she steals food, eats food off of others’ plates, and scavenges food out of the trash, until one night, once again stuffed after a binge, on TV,  she hears the words “compulsive overeater.”

She searches and she learns she has an eating disorder, a mental illness, a disease.

Armed with this knowledge she attacks her compulsion full throttle. She goes to therapy, Overeaters Anonymous meetings, read books, and namelessly blogs in an attempt to gain power over food.

A brutally honest glimpse into the trials, pervasive thoughts, and heartbreak of a compulsive overeater, discover how Ronni gains the courage and strength to live her life without being a slave to food.

Out Of The Pantry

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My Thoughts

This well-written memoir begins with Ronni as a young girl who clearly develops an unhealthy relationship with food because she feels invisible in what seems like a normal, loving family. To fill the void she seeks comfort in the cookie jar, becoming secretive and resorting to stealing to stop the feelings of loneliness.

Here is how thirteen-year-old Ronni described her feelings towards food.

“Treats like mini donuts called to me like a delicious, silent

message only I could hear.

The message was clear: I am here for you and always will be.

Love me.”


The chapters where  Ronni describes how her parents reacted to her weight gain were particularly heartbreaking. The coldness and disconnection she felt from her mother really resonated with me and how she went on to have a cold, controlling relationship purely down to low self- worth. I was glad that Ronni found personal happiness in later years and finally felt that she could share the truth of her addiction…and so begin the road to recovery.

We follow Ronni’s thirty-year journey of compulsive eating and the different therapies she has tried to overcome the illness. This honest and courageous account will be  hugely relatable to anyone suffering from an eating disorder. Ronni’s words shine a beacon of hope, warmth and understanding to others in a similar position.

About The Author


Ronni Robinson is a writer and indoor cycling instructor in the suburbs of Eastern Pennsylvania, where she lives with her husband in their newly minted empty nest, as both kids are off to college.

Ronni has been freelance writing since freshman year in college (a long time ago) and has appeared in aSweatLife, Ravishly, The Temper, 50 Shades of Aging, Healthy Women, The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Courier-Post, The New Brunswick Home News, and Parents Express magazine.

Ronni’s passion is helping others who are struggling with eating disorders. She lives on Instagram, but you can also find her on the Facebook page “Overcoming Food Nonsense,” where she serves as an administrator. (Go to swimbikemom.com to find the private group and sign up!) She also does public speaking about eating disorders and emotionally abusive relationships.

She has competed in dozens of triathlons, including three IRONMAN triathlons and four half-distance IRONMAN triathlons. When not writing or perched in front of her laptop, you can find Ronni in the gym. Out of the Pantry is Ronni’s first book, but hopefully not her last.

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