The Women Who Ran Away by Sheila O’Flanagan

The Women Who Ran Away

 Sheila O’Flanagan

A life-affirming new novel about the power of inter-generational
female friendship from the author of number one bestsellers Her
Husband’s Mistake, The Missing Wife and The Hideaway
Two women form an unlikely friendship as they face up to shocking truths
about the men they’ve loved – and take the reins on deciding their future.
Deira is setting out on the holiday she’d planned with her long-term partner
Gavin – only she’s on her own. Gavin will not be amused when he finds out
she’s ‘borrowed’ his car, but since their brutal break-up Deira’s not been
acting rationally. Maybe a drive through beautiful France will help her see
things differently.
Grace is also travelling alone, each stage of her journey outlined in advance
by her late husband. Ken was head of the household when he was alive,
and it seems he’s still in charge. His last decision was a surprise – could there
be more surprises to come? There’s only one way to find out, galling though
it is to dance again to Ken’s tune.
Thrown together by chance, Grace and Deira find that it’s easier to share
secrets with a stranger, especially in the shimmering sunny countryside of
Spain and France. But they soon find that there’s no escaping the truth,
whether you’re running away from it or racing towards it…

The Women Who Ran Away

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My Thoughts on The Women Who Ran Away

Irish women Deira and Grace are both undertaking deeply emotional journeys. They are both running away from the grief of a lost relationship both mentally, physically and emotionally.

As the miles pass, you get an insight into the lives of both women, and why they are so deeply affected by the men who have been so significant in their lives.

Deira is going on a journey that should have been with her partner Gavin. She ‘borrows’ his sportscar and sets off, uncertain of where her journey will take her.

Similarily Grace is also travelling alone. She is set to follow an itinerary set by her late husband, a deeply controlling man.

The books promises great opportunities, and endless possibilities for the two women who decide to travel together. I was excited to see what they would experience and if they gained comfort from their trip across Europe.

Deira and Grace are very different women but the problems that they face are hugely relatable. I was happy that fate threw them together as they embarked on a fascinating treasure hunt taking them through beautifully portrayed European cities. It was refreshing that the women on the road trip were complete strangers so the book revolves around a new friendship and how it is sometimes easier to confide in a stranger than close loved ones.

As with all Sheila O’Flanagan novels, this is a real page-turner with light-hearted elements as well as the soul searching and grief that the women had to process. The locations are described vividly and I enjoyed the literary references written into the itinerary by Grace’s English professor husband. A great holiday read, or for anyone who craves an escape from the complexities of life.


Thank you to AnneCater, the publisher and author for a copy of the book and invite to the blog tour. The book has been reviewed honestly.

About The Author

Sheila O Flanagan Author Pic The Women Who Ran Away

Sheila O’Flanagan is the author of bestselling chart-
toppers, including Her Husband’s Mistake, The
Hideaway, What Happened That Night, The Missing
Wife, My Mother’s Secret and All For You (winner of
the Irish Independent Popular Fiction Book of the
Year Award). After working in banking and finance
for a number of years, Sheila’s love for writing
blossomed into curating stories about relationships
in all their many forms.
Thank you for reading.

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