Breezing by Michael Ferrara – Book Review

Breezing by Michael Ferrara

In the world of high-stakes horse racing, is it training, money, or luck that gets the win?

C.J. Jamieson is a young, gifted female jockey with a complicated past and a strong desire to break through in the competitive world of thoroughbred racing.

Trainer Ritchie Gallo, on the other hand, has spent half his life in the sport. He’s at the top of his game, but he’s never been lucky enough to train a world-class racehorse. Until now. He finally has the horse, but needs the perfect rider.

Call it luck or fate, but when Gallo comes across C.J., he knows he might finally have his ticket to the winners circle.

Follow Gallo and C.J. as they compete in the turbulent world of thoroughbred racing in a beautifully told, fast-paced story of triumph, tragedy, and perseverance. From the tracks of Saratoga to the famous Churchill Downs, their journey together teaches them that winning races on fragile legs isn’t so different than winning at life with fragile hearts.


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My Thoughts

I love reading books about horses and Breezing is a wonderful tale which takes us into the world of US thoroughbred horse racing.

Trainer Ritchie Gallo is approached one morning by a young female jockey looking for some practice rides. Ritchie is intrigued by the young shy girl and decides to give her a chance riding out on one of his best horses. He is impressed by her ability to communicate with horses and form great relationships with the animals, however  with humans she is quiet and withdrawn.

As the story progresses the reason for CJ`s reserved nature is revealed, and Ritchie learns that a link to his past has resurfaced. I loved the deep care of the horses which was shared by both trainer and rider, their wellbeing mattering more than big money and glitzy trophies. The book is about overcoming obstacles, making difficult decisions, and succeeding against the odds.

Horse lovers will love this well written story with great characterisation, riveting friendships and strong bonds between humans and animals.

Thank you to BooksGoSocial via Netgalley for a copy of the book, which I have reviewed honestly.

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