Willow’s Wedding Vows by Debbie Viggiano

Willow’s Wedding Vows


Debbie Viggiano

Wedding vows have never been this personal…

Willow has been living with marriage-shy Charlie for more years than she cares to remember and is old-fashioned enough to want a wedding band and a loads-of-sex honeymoon before stretchmarks and nipple shields.

So when the once-wary Charlie surprisingly goes down on one knee, Willow doesn’t question why her boyfriend is suddenly so keen to rush her into saying “I do”.

The first clue comes as Willow is zipped into her Cinderella dress, the second as she bobs into the wedding car, and the third as the Roller swings towards its fairy-tale destination… leaving a shell-shocked Willow desperately trying to figure out what to do next.

A bride can do anything she wants on her wedding day, but nobody expected her to do this…

Willow's Wedding Vows

My Thoughts on Willow’s Wedding Vows

Today I’m happy to be taking part in the blog tour for Willow’s Wedding Vows by Debbie Viggiano. Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources for the tour invite and copy of the book, which I have reviewed honestly.

Main character Willow has been in a relationship with Charlie for nine years. All she wants is for Charlie to propose and whisk her down the aisle in a cloud of white taffeta. However Charlie is far from ‘settling down’, he is sowing his wild oats right under Willow’s nose, and she is too in love with him to see it.

This is a light-hearted story but actually deals with some serious issues. Everyone around Willow seems to have commitment and loyalty issues, yet she is a sweet girl who always sees the best in people. Surely she could see that Charlie didn’t have a decent bone in his whole body?

Debbie Viggiano always delivers plenty of saucy humour in her novels and I chuckled at some of Willow’s wicked thoughts, which were a contrast to her sweet real-life persona. I was always hoping that Willow would get her happy ending, but not the one she was hoping for!

 Willow's Wedding Vows

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About Debbie Viggiano

 Willow's Wedding Vows

Prior to turning her attention to writing, Debbie Viggiano was, for more years than she cares to remember, a legal secretary. She lives with her Italian husband, a rescued pooch from Crete, and a very grumpy cat. Occasionally her adult children return home bringing her much joy… apart from when they want to raid the fridge or eat her secret stash of chocolate. Tweet @DebbieViggiano or follow her on Facebook!

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