The Daughter She Lost by Lauren Westwood

The Daughter She Lost by Lauren Westwood


I know in my heart that I’m going to lose you, my dearest darling girl. I can’t fight any longer. No matter what I do, no matter how much I love you, I know that this is the end for me. But remember that I am with you always and that because of you, my mistake was worth it.

Amanda always knew she was adopted, but when she inherits a house in Avalon Springs, it’s the first she hears of her birth mother’s death. The moment she used to imagine meeting her for the first time and staring into the bright blue eyes they might share, will always remain a dream.

Heartbroken, Amanda knows she must go there to show her children the home where they should have lived, to go through her mother’s old clothes, sell the house and say goodbye.

But as she walks into the stark white house she begins to feel uneasy. There are religious quotes etched into the walls of the hallway and a jewelry box full of letters hidden in her mother’s room.

Because the family she lost is hiding dark secrets and the further she digs, the more the happy life she has carefully built for herself and her children is at risk…

A gripping and emotional novel about what it means to belong. The Daughter She Lost is perfect for fans of Kerry Fisher, Diane Chamberlain and Liane Moriarty.


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My Thoughts

This is the second book I have read by Lauren Westwood and I was eager to see if  The Daughter She Lost was as good as Moonlight on the Thames, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

(My review of Moonlight on the Thames can be read here.)

Now, here is what I thought about The Daughter She Lost.

I quickly connected with the main character Amanda who is a divorced single mother travelling to view a house that she has inherited. You can feel Amanda’s apprehension as she arrives at Avalon Springs and the reception from some of the residents is wary and guarded. I tried to imagine arriving in a strange, remote and run-down neighbourhood where everyone knows your family background… except you!

Amanda knows that she was adopted but knows nothing about her birth mother Angie and the grandmother who left her the house. She needs to know more, but what will finding out the truth uncover?

 I was impressed by Amanda’s strength as she scoured her grandmother’s possessions looking for clues to her family background. Amanda tries to find out who her real father is, but the more she delves into Angie’s past, the possibilities mount up.

The Daughter She Lost is a well written and emotive family drama full of revelations and characters who evolve with the story. Strong women feature heavily and suspense builds as Amanda uncovers secrets which could affect the whole town.

Many thanks to Noelle at Bookouture for the blog tour invite and copy of the book, which I have reviewed honestly.

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About The Author

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Lauren Westwood writes dark and romantic women’s fiction and is also an award-winning children’s writer. Originally from California, she now lives in England in a pernickety old house built in 1602, with her partner and three daughters.

Lauren hopes you enjoy her latest book, My Mother’s Silence, which is a dark, emotional journey about homecoming and family secrets. Your opinions are important to her, so please do leave a review.

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