Ups and Downs by D.B. Carter


Ups and Downs

Is it too late for love?


D B Carter

Carol has overcome countless obstacles to create her firm, and she’s done it on her own. But her beautiful apartment in central London and the trappings of success offer little compensation for the many years of illness and hurt she has endured.

When disaster strikes at a critical moment for her company, all seems lost, until Carol and her feisty assistant Lila discover someone might be able to help. Unfortunately, it just happens to be Jonah, the man Carol wronged many years before.

Can she avert disaster without reopening old wounds, or might facing the demons of her memory lead to new beginnings? Is Carol beyond forgiveness or will the flames of romance be fanned, long after her hopes had gone?


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My Thoughts

If you are looking for a fulfilling Valentine’s Day read, look no further than this sweet, romantic and uplifting novella from D.B. Carter.

From the outside, Carol looks like a woman who has it all. She lives in a swanky apartment in London and the business that she started from scratch is showing huge potential. However, as you get to know Carol, a much different character lies beneath the professional attire, designer heels, and mask of skillfully applied makeup.

Beneath the glossy and confident exterior lies a woman full of insecurity, reliant on wine and indigestion tablets to get through the day, and with only her cat Archie for company,

I found the writing completely compelling and instantly warmed to Carol and her straight-talking assistant Lila. The book isn’t just about lost love and possible new beginnings but a wonderful companionship between two women who realise that apart from a tight professional relationship, they barely know each other. Once armed with information from each other’s past you really get the feeling that these two could take on the World.

The romantic element is charming and took me straight back to my teenage years. It shows that the naivety of youth can have resounding effects well into later life. This uplifting read wonderfully portrays that it is never too late and love might just be hiding around the next water fountain, photocopier or broken down printer!

Highly recommended for lovers of sweet, engaging romantic novellas.

Author Biography


D B Carter writes contemporary drama and romance novels, dealing with difficult subjects as well has happier themes. A son of two painters, he grew up surrounded by art and through that world, he met many interesting characters. Later, he ran his own successful company for over 20 years, before taking up his life-long desire to be a writer.

He lives with his wife of 30 years in rural Devon, England. A lifelong bibliophile, he loves reading classical literature, including Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, the Brontë sisters, Thomas Hardy and Anthony Trollope; a childhood of Saturday afternoon black-and-white movies added to his appreciation of sagas and drama.

His world view is, “If we look for the good, we will find it.”

Find him, @dbcarterauthor on Facebook and Twitter for more information; contact with readers is always valued.

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