A New Puppy At Waggy Tales

A New Puppy At Waggy Tales

Some people will know that I have been yearning for a puppy for quite a while now. It’s almost three years since we lost Alfie and I still miss my ‘wingman’ every day.

Holly my chihuahua cross is seventeen and still doing great. She has seen many foster dogs come and go and I knew she would take a new addition in her stride.

Darcy my rescue is another story!

Like most rescue dogs he suffers from anxiety and thrives on routine and lots of attention. He is extremely attached to me and I worried that he would see a puppy as a very unwelcome intruder! Although he has always been good with other dogs an energetic puppy with no boundaries might be a different matter.

However, the thought of never having another puppy made me so sad. I was aching for that divine puppy smell, tiny paws and a funny little body waddling around looking for mischief.

So, I have taken a huge leap of faith, spurred on by my daughter and sister who gave me the confidence to take this big step.

And, here he is :-

A New Puppy At Waggy Tales

A thirteen-week male chihuahua.

I’ve done it!

We researched breeds and rescue sites because we needed a small dog with heaps of confidence who would stand up to Darcy’s potentially dominant behaviour. We wanted a playful pup to hopefully teach Darcy how to play and a companion for him who would make him feel secure.

My past experience of chihuahuas is that if these little dogs are trained properly and not treated like a baby they are independent, confident and extremely friendly.

So far everything has been fine and he is such a good boy. As expected Holly accepted the puppy straight away and Darcy has amazed me, he has taken it in his stride. They are not friends yet but the puppy has been accepted by my very grumpy sausage dog.

We have been experimenting with names…Theo, Sid, Louis but the one that he responds to most is Ripley. If you can think of a name that suits him please let me know in the comments.

I will be posting regular updates with the pups progress and give honest accounts of life with a new puppy. There will be regular updates, probably a little offloading from me when I get stressed and some cries for help when I feel like a bad mum. It’s twelve years since I cared for a puppy and I will take any advice with open arms.

I hope you join us on our journey.

A new puppy at Waggy Tales - Ripley


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  1. congratulations…he is a beautiful pup and you will have so much joy with your new addition to your family ! Your heart knows when you are ready…I had doubts after our 13 yr old Gracie passed and then our senior years raised questions if we should adopt – , but so glad we rescued our Winston. Look forward to your happy tales of life with a puppy !

    1. Thank you Maggie, this must have come as a surprise for you! Actually, it was you that inspired me to take the leap of faith. So far, so good but I have had a few ‘moments’ lol.

  2. What a gorgeous puppy. I’m glad to hear that Holly has accepted him and that Darcy has also responded well. No matter how carefully you introduce a new pet into the household, you never know how the existing residents are going to behave. In the top photo, it looks as if your new little fella has blue eyes – is that right? Wishing you all a happy time together.

    1. Thank you Susanna, the first days are a little stressful. He has pale brown eyes with a tinge of blue (well spotted). Thank you so much for stopping by xx

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