The Tears We Never Cried by Ryshia Kennie

The Tears We Never Cried by Ryshia Kennie

A mother’s tragic diagnosis.
A daughter’s life on hold.n ending and a new beginning …

Cassandra McDowall’s mother has been forgetful for a while, but she never anticipated rapid-onset Alzheimer’s to come out of nowhere and shake their world to its very core.

As Cassie puts her already-lackluster life on hold, her mom’s indomitable will and spirit of adventure prove to be a handful.

And as her mother fades, the two embark on one last adventure—a journey that reveals secrets on the brink of being lost, the joy of foreign sunsets, and love where she hadn’t thought it possible.


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My Thoughts

This is such a real and heartbreaking story of how Alzheimer’s disease can affect not just the person who is suffering, but also the devastating effect it has on their carer too.

At first, Cassie puts her mother’s odd behaviour down to forgetfulness. However as time goes by she realises that her mother is a danger to herself, and others. She so unselfishly puts her life on hold and dedicates herself to keeping her mum safe and cared for.

Cassie discovers some family secrets throughout the story and also embarks on a new relationship. The book demonstrates the frustration and exhaustion which dominates when a mother-daughter relationship goes into role reversal.

This is an honest and personal story that will be of great help to many people who are caring for a loved one with this terrible disease. The author shows a great knowledge of the subject matter, it is well researched and inspired by real-life events. The writing is vivid with plenty of heartfelt moments as well as incredibly sad, raw and emotional times between mother and daughter.

Thank you to the author for a copy of  The Tears We Never Cried, I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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